caz - Pietro del Toro & Samir Landser

caz - Pietro del Toro & Samir Landser
In the Mutchmann Berlin, fuck action happens every night.
Samir goes for a juice when he meets the younger Pietro del Toro who is also there for an after-work juice. Pietro shows him immediately that he's not just there to juice. He presses the bearded pig on the floor and shoves his cock between his smooth lips. Samir swallows the cock and greedily and it disappears down his throat. Pietro likes the hard way and so he presses the head of the German as he kneels and makes him to stop blowing. Pietro presses Samir against the bars and pulls apart his hairy cunt with his steaming tongue. The Brazilian gets him deep in the ass and makes him ready for fucking. His perfectly formed pink piston slides into the German cunt as he to fuck him slowly. The louder Samir moans - the deeper and more intense Pietro rams the foreign meat. Samir now sits on the cock and let him even deeper in the hole inside. However, he wants cum in the mouth and so there is a last stop fuck for the German and Pietro him spread the cream in the face.

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caz - Pietro del Toro & Samir Landser
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