Tom & Tanner's Morning Fuck

Tom & Tanner's Morning Fuck
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Tom and Tanner are both guys that have come in to their own lately. I think it's safe to say each one has been doing things at a whole new level in their most recent appearances - Tom has proven himself to be one of the studliest, hottest tops in the roster, while Tanner has shown himself to be one of the most eager, enthusiastic bottoms. Sometimes it can take guys a little while to go from getting in to action with another man to taking things to that whole new level, but Tom and Tanner have definitely reached that point now!
What starts off as a pretty chill, mild morning turns in to Tanner on his back, legs in the air on the table while Tom buries his face in Tanner's hole. Tom rims Tanner deep, getting his hole slick with spit so he can slide his cock in and fuck him. Once the fucking starts, these two are in their element!

Tom & Tanner's Morning Fuck
Tags: Gays
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