Aoi Shino (aka Midori Shino, Megumi Shino) - The Prey Waitress

Aoi Shino (aka Midori Shino, Megumi Shino) - The Prey Waitress
Release Year: 2018
Cast: Aoi Shino (aka Midori Shino, Megumi Shino)
Genres: Uncensored, All Sex, BlowJob, Stockings, Uniform, Cream Pie

Japanese service (service) is considered to be the best and the best in the world. You will always be smiling and courting in every possible way, because in Japan there is a golden rule: "the client is the king and God (of course, if only this client is adequate and is a well-bred person, that in Japan the usual thing).
In Japan, it is also not customary to tip. If you have lunch in a cafe, try even quietly put in the daddy with an account at least 1 yen more than indicated in the check, then you can rest assured that you and on the street will catch up and return the extra money. This phenomenon is explained very simply. First, the Japanese mentality. Secondly,
in Japan it is considered that if you give more than the requested amount, a person who has rendered you any service, then this person has underestimated his work and this indicates his unprofessionalism. And for the Japanese "to hit in the dirt face" - akin to shame. Because the shame for the Japanese is even worse than disappear.
It is with disgrace for the lack of professionalism in the service sector that this film is connected. A young and married waitress (an engagement ring on the ring finger of her left hand), because of her little experience in public catering, did not seem to have done very well with her job duties, for which she aroused the manager's anger. Although, it is possible
, the reason for the violent outburst of anger was covered and in another - the restaurant manager was a scumbag for pretty girls and he was not bothered even by the marriage of his victims (the husband is not the wall - is screwed). The main character of the film was too cute with the client, and this probably was the cause of the boss's bad temper, which was also envious. Howbeit,
the girl was seduced under the threat of dismissal. And in order not to lose her face professionally, she decided to sacrifice her chastity.

P.S. Many may have quite a fair question: why I decided that the main character is married, because the ring -
on the ring finger of the left hand? I answer: in Japan and in many capitalist countries, it is on the ring finger of the left hand that the ring, the persons who are married, are worn. The explanation is simple: the left hand is closer to the heart than the right one. The same, about even (funeral) and odd (holidays) number of flowers.
In many countries, an odd number is considered to be mourning. The explanation is also simple: an odd number of flowers can be symbolized with loneliness. 2,4,6,8 - can be divided into 2 and there will be a couple, 1,3,5,7,9 - someone will be left alone.

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Aoi Shino (aka Midori Shino, Megumi Shino) - The Prey Waitress
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