Drive - Vol. 3 - (1971 Year)

Drive - Vol. 3 - (1971 Year)
Madwoman Arachne (porn legend Christopher Rage in drag) is on a crusade to rid the planet of sex! Can sexy secret agent Kirk Luna save the day? Drive, Jack Deveau’s second feature for Hand In Hand Films, is at once a madcap homage to sci-fi B movies of the 1950s, a vehicle for presenting hardcore sex in novel ways, and a strong statement about repression in the age of sexual liberation. With its colorful graphics, special effects, and a cast of over 50 actors,Drive was the largest-scale gay porn production of its time. The film opens on slender fingers with perfect red polished nails pecking away at a typewriter. “Dear World.” the female narrator begins. Cutaway to the same manicured hands picking up a long-blade knife. “I am going to tell you the truth.” The hand grasps a man’s naked genitals and caresses them with the blade of the knife. “Because I am the only one who understands the truth.”

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Drive - Vol. 3 - (1971 Year)
Tags: Gay BDSM
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