fs - Hungry For Moore: Logan Moore & Jason Vario

fs - Hungry For Moore: Logan Moore & Jason Vario
Logan is whipping up some surprise dessert in the kitchen when Jason Vario comes home from a long day t work. Jason loves that Logan is so thoughtful and gives him a kiss that quickly leads to Jason unbuttoning his shirt and pants. Logan can see that Jason is ready for action and gets down to his knees to help Jason relax from a long day at work. Jason wants a taste of Logan's succulent ass so he bends Logan over the kitchen counter. Jason takes some of Logan's sweet dessert and spread it on Logan's hole. Logan loves the sensation of Jason's tongue eating his sweet hole. Logan is ready for Jason's swollen dick and takes off the rest of his clothers to invite Jason inside him. Jason slips easily into Logan's willing hole and pumps him deep, giving the horny stud exactly what he wants and needs. Logan is loving every thrust from Jason's big cock and turns over on his back to give Jason full leverage on his prostate. That's all it takes for Logan to get his relief and with Jason still inside of him, he unloads thick ropes of his own panting body. Jason is about to bust and pulls out to spill his load onto Logan.

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fs - Hungry For Moore: Logan Moore & Jason Vario
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