cc - You Bet Your Ass (Aleks Buldocek, Brett Dylan & Jonah Fontana)

cc - You Bet Your Ass (Aleks Buldocek, Brett Dylan & Jonah Fontana)
It's poker night and Brett Dylan is not having a good night. He's down to his last chips and goes all in. And, he loses. As he announces his withdrawal from the game, Jonah Fontana raises the specter of Brett betting his ass for the next round. Aleks Buldocek voices his agreement. Brett seems pretty comfortable with the idea and decides to stay in the game. If he loses, his ass is theirs. First cards are dealt and his prospects appear pretty dim. Compared to his opponents' high pairs, he only musters low single cards. As the round progresses things are only looking worse. He finally loses the hand, but ends up working his hands around two throbbing cocks. Springing into action, he alternately mouths each of his poker-buddies' sizable boners. He pays his debts with eagerness. On command, this young loser stands up and lets his husky victors strip him naked. He's then commanded to get on the poker table, on his hands and knees, with his ass in the air. Aleks and Jonah then take turns lubing the kid's hole with their saliva, slapping his ass and rimming his hole. Their tongues meet as they join as one in licking Brett's hairy pucker. Brett's loss is turning out to be a big win… The two hairy and burly conquerors then peel their own clothes off and move their boy toy onto his poker chair, kneeling, as one is shoving his cock into the kid's hungry mouth and the other his stiff tool up the boy's tight hole. While being sucked Aleks watches on as Jonah pierces through the hungry hole. These studs are having their way with their undersized catch. Aleks and Jonah then sit side by side on the couch while Brett starts to ride Aleks East-European man-meat. Jonah reaches over and kisses his winning partner, while Brett eagerly watches on.

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cc - You Bet Your Ass (Aleks Buldocek, Brett Dylan & Jonah Fontana)
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