Inside Angel

Inside Angel
Release Year: 2018
Cast: Angel Wicky
Genres: Cervix,Gyno,Pantyhose,Speculum,Vaginal contractions,Trimmed pussy,Busty

Whether you are an ass man, or a titty man, Angel Wicky has got you covered. However, despite having a huge ass and titty combo, Angel will get you with the show she puts on here, and of course, with her pussy.

Angel Wicky is a complete freak. She is a genuine adult entertainer, and her personality shines bright here. Using a speculum, she props herself open. She also uses it to do a great many things. Slowly pushing and pulling it, we see how her pussy contracts and expands around an object. Sometimes she goes really fast, and uses the tool to fuck herself. Sometimes she just leaves it in there, lets us soak in her magnificent beauty.

Angel loves to talk to the audience. She talks throughout the video in what turns out to be rather good English. She talks to you about her pussy, and about how naughty we all are watching her. At one point, she bounces up and down on the couch, talking to you about her bouncy boobs.

It is hard to tell how close she comes to a climax, but there is a segment in the middle that is very theatrical. Turning the speculum sideways, she fucks herself with it, creating some very good visual moments. Her pee hole looks to be outside her vagina at some points, because she is so unbelievably gaped open. The segment is shot up close, and the material some of the most unique and qualitative that we have seen on this site. It is like we are inside her pussy watching her cum, and listening to the pleasure it gives her.

She gets turned over on her back, and wobbles her ass around a bit. The action here is a great still, and she is able to gape all the way open, revealing the cervix. She does some pussy tricks here, popping her hole closed, which creates a sound.

Seriously, I could talk about how great this video is all day. Really though, I recommend you just watch it to see a defining PJG moment, and one like anything you will see anywhere.

Format: mp4
Duration: 26:18
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 11960kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 2.3 GB

Inside Angel
Tags: Unusual
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