ButchDixon - Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck

ButchDixon - Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck
I just had a new sofa delivered and the humpy delivery man inspired this video. When hairy and tattooed hunk Junior Stellano arrives to delivery a sofa, he finds Dillon Buck wrapped in a towel. After Junior uncrates the sofa, Dillon pats his towel and says, "I suppose I ought to give you a tip, but I need to get my wallet." Junior replies, "You seem ready to give my a tip," and he grabs Dillon's crotch. The men start kissing and Dillon's towel soon ends up on the floor. His huge dick already fairly stiff. I was thrilled when Junior Stellano e-mailed me to say that he was coming to London. Junior is a stunningly gorgeous hunk of New York man. His heritage is a mingling of Italian and Portuguese and creates those dark features that I love so much in Mediterranean men. The New Yorker in him gives him an edge that I find so appealing. And his sleeve of tattoos just adds to this bad boy image. Junior Stellano takes very good care of his body, and thankfully, he shuns shaving his body.After swapping blowjobs and getting one another hard, Junior gets down on all fours on my new sofa and Dillon chows down on Junior's hairy asshole for what seems like an eternity. Junior is a dirty talker and encourages Dillon to really enjoy his butt hole. Dillon fingers Junior's ass and says, "Now that's a tight hole!" As he slides his 9.5-inch cock inside, Junior moans, then says, "Man, that's a huge dick." Dillon works Junior's hole open with slow, but purposeful strokes. "How's my ass feel?" Junior asks. This gets Dillon revved up. He stands on the sofa and starts thrusting his huge dick hard into Junior's hungry hole. Junior's loving every inch of it thrusting deep inside of him, all the while urging Dillon with his dirty talk. Then Junior takes over, sits on Dillon's hard cock and rides it. With Dillon pounding up into Junior's ass, the hairy tattooed stud shoots his massively thick load all over his leg. His jizz slides onto Dillon's leg. Then Junior sits down and Dillon jerks off all over him. The first blasts cream Junior's beard, but the bulk of Dillon's spunk splatters all over Junior's hairy chest. Man, what a huge load! 113 images
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ButchDixon - Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck
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