Lauras Leaving Party Cfnm

Lauras Leaving Party Cfnm
Studio: Cfnm

Most offices are not a place of business. Not at all. But then you knew that didnt you?
Instead they are a boiling hot cauldron of lust & desire. With a big heavy lid on. For no one can really let their lust and desire for naked male flesh get the better of them. Secret exhibitionists must keep their muscles and cocks hidden under their smart business suits at all times. The poor suited wage slaves live in fear of being sacked if they step out of line. But what happens at the leaving party of a trusted employee? Laura. Shes leaving the firm so what does she care now about what people think? Her references have all be written, the new job accepted…shes free! Picture the office stud. Longed for by women old and young, from the lowly secretary to the female boss, but completely untouchable. Watch him letting his hair down a little TOO much at the party. Out of his head with his guard well and truly down. How will he fair now the girls have him at a disadvantage? That muscular body hes spends so much time over. Its too good a chance to miss. And what of the office snitch? For years he has been spreading poison behind peoples backs. I bet he doesnt know whats coming to him either. At this office party years of pent up lust and vengeance comes flooding over. And the men arent going to like it one bit.

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Lauras Leaving Party Cfnm
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