New York Straight Men - Sean is Fucked!

New York Straight Men - Sean is Fucked!
Finally another resident cocksucker who also wants to get fucked!

Sean needed to get his round, furry ass plowed deep! We thought Michael would be the one who would do it best. Michael is passionate, tender yet aggressive and dominate.
He has deflowered many a young virgin girl is his time, its been almost a year since Sean got it up the butt making him an "almost virgin".
We knew that Michael would start off slow and tender and then pound him!

Michael was also co director in this production, we didn't want to interfere, we wanted this to be their story and it was a sweet but nasty one!
After the sweetness was over Michael let him have it he pounded Sean's assslapped his furry ass cheeks and he just enjoyed Sean's tight hole!

As you will see, Michael dumped a huge load, Sean earned it! We can't wait to get Sean fucked again!

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New York Straight Men - Sean is Fucked!
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