Marc Pounds Truman's Ass

Marc Pounds Truman's Ass
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Marc sets out to have his way with Truman’s hole from the very start, here, and Truman is more than fine with that. Truman wants Marc’s cock, and makes no secret of that.

The visuals of a tan-bodied Marc plunging his cock in to a paler Truman are great, but the sounds in this episode also add to how hot it is - Truman telling Marc how much he wants his cock in him, Truman begging Marc to fuck that dick up in to him, and their loud groans of pleasure and excitement. The sounds of Marc gagging on Truman’s cock are also not to be missed!

As Marc starts to fuck a load out of Truman, Truman’s grunts and moans get louder and louder. That spurs Marc on to fuck him harder and deeper - he’s really getting off to seeing his thrusts pound a load out of Truman. Marc gets off to it so much, in fact, that he ends up firing off what has to be one of the biggest loads we’ve ever seen him shoot!

Marc Pounds Truman's Ass
Tags: Gays
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