Pound Town Lock Down

Pound Town Lock Down
Studio: Nextdoorhookups

In the big house, a prisoners gotta look out for himself. When Slate Steele, fresh from intake, is locked in a cell with a sex-crazed badass that wants to go deep in his ass, Slate realizes hes gonna have to take the heat. And prison guard, Devilish Desire isnt putting up with any lippy bullshit either. Shes allowing Slate to talk a little trash, though. Its just enough to make him unsure whether he can demonstrate dominance. But when Devilish whacks around her night stick, Slate lets Devilish make the calls. First shes having a taste of this new meats dick. Its long and strong, just like the bad boys Devilish has fucked before. But shes not giving him too much sweet sucking. She wants to punish this criminal good. Shes bending him over and licking his ass in preparation for a hard pounding Slate wont soon forget. When he sees the size of Devilishs massive dildo, youll see both fear and excitement wash over the mans face. And when the girthy strap-on goes deep into Slates tight hole, and Devilish doles out her unmerciful punishment, youll know why prison isnt a place for the weak spirited. After Slates pounding, Devilish is exacting a little pleasure of her own. Shes having the inmate fuck both her holes before slamming the bars shut on this jail bird. For Slate, its a rough introduction to life on the inside.

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Pound Town Lock Down
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