Ashton Dale & Ryan Rockford

Ashton Dale & Ryan Rockford
Studio: Randy Blue

Putting Ashton Dale and Ryan Rockford together was such a unique experience because they both brought so much to the table. Ashton is so laid back. Hes got that surfers build and beach dude attitude that you can toss anything his way and hell go for it. His handsome good looks, smooth athletic body and delicious cock can charm anyone, gay or straight. Ryan, on the other hand, is so intense. His sexual energy and amazing bottoming skills are always enough to draw a hearty load from anyone topping him. Ashton couldnt wait to get a crack at this famous ass, you can see it in his eyes as Ryan is servicing his aching hard-on. So the first chance he got he started working that hole with his tongue, giving him such a rim job that he was almost begging to get fucked. And you know it wouldnt be a hot gay porn if Ashton didnt fuck Ryans hole for all it was worth so he banged the hot muscle stud nine ways to Sunday. Pounding him doggie style, laying on the bed and letting him sit on that cock, and pounding him so hard he couldnt help but shoot a nice hearty load all over his rippled abs.

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Ashton Dale & Ryan Rockford
Tags: Gays
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