Sins Of The man

Sins Of The man
Release Year: 2003
Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: Diego Alvarez, Alex, Carlo Cox, Diego Navi, Lance Armstrong, Ulizes Carpelli, Armando, Dario, Raul, Sabian, et str.
Genres: latin, hunks, orgy, muscles

When I was younger, I thought I would join the priesthood. But after some further examination, I realized that I was actually turned on by men of the cloth. When this All World Video title popped up, faster than you can say "Hail Mary" ten times, my hands were all over it! I ran home giddy as a Catholic schoolgirl, ready to drop my plaid skirt and navigate my "na na." Featuring an all-Latin all-hot cast, Sins starts off with hunky Diego Alvarez in a meeting with the Archbishop. Seems like someone has been keeping tabs on our hunky priest and the sexual activities of the rectory. (Hmmm, what an appropriate word.)Vigtes are told in flashback and in the first scene Diego Alvarez takes confession from frustrated parishioner, Diego Navi. Seems Navi can't stop playing with himself. Well, Diego quickly helps our guy out by hopping over to Navi's cubicle and his uncut meat on the guy. A rigorous fucking ensues with Navi moaning like a whore in heat while Diego sneers under his breath "Callete!" (shut up). Keep an eye out for Alvarez's "guiche" (piercing) between his balls and butthole. Loads are shot, and no rosaries were harmed during the making of this scene.Next flashback is handsome priest Sabian preparing the altar for mass. He fetches two altar boys: Rico Suave and Armando. Robes are shed and a sexual three-way confession begins with the boys sucking each others' poles. Eventually the two altar boys bottom for Sabian - on the altar no less. Everyonees and all the guys look like they could certainly get into the "habit" of doing each other quite often.Sexy, shaved head and hairy Carlo Cox is praying in his room when parishioner Raul, goateed and kind of stocky, enters the room asking to be "blessed." All those years of chastity go by the wayside with Carlo happy to bless this man - with his dick. Raul seems hesitant at first, but like any good Catholic boy he quickly obliges, climbing all over the hot priest. Rolling all over the bed in various stages of cock sucking heaven, altar boy Alex (hunky and full of Latin machismo) enters, seeking counseling. Carlo obliges, fueling a cock sucking frenzy amongst the three. Carlo needs to ride Raul's ass and does so with a sense of urgency while vocalizing sweet nothings like "You want to be blessed? I'll fucking bless you." The three all shoot, and by this time I was so heated up I was ready to splash some holy water on myself.Final scene is a four-way between Diego Alvarez (as in real men wear "guiche"), Lance Armstrong, Ulizes Carpelli, and Dario. The men all take turns sucking each other off.
Format: avi
Duration: 1:31:11
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Sins Of The man
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