Mormonboyz - Elder Sorensen - Initiation

Mormonboyz - Elder Sorensen - Initiation
Studio: Mormonboyz
Genres: Gays

Elder Sorensen’s firm, round ass is bright red from being spanked. And his tight hole aches from the toys the Patriarch inserted and teased him with.

In the dark ordinance room, Patriarch Smith had felt the boy fully submit to him, and sensed the boy’s willingness to surrender his virgin hole even though the boy wasn’t ready to have a huge cock pound it yet.

The boy’s trust in him had been a powerful aphrodisiac, giving Smith a raging boner despite the fact that his clothes stayed on and he hadn’t touched himself.

When the ritual is completed and the boy has cum, the Patriarch is reluctant to hand over the perfect specimen of youth to Bishop Angus, but the fraternity between the men of The Order is founded on sharing the beautiful boys. There’s no room for jealousy or selfishness.

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Mormonboyz - Elder Sorensen - Initiation
Tags: Gays
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