Erotic Hands - Vol. 1 - (1980 Year)

Erotic Hands - Vol. 1 - (1980 Year)
Erotic Hands features some of the boldest, most unusual sex material ever recorded on film. In two parts, the first section is a demonstration of fist-fucking by three bearded, masculine men. The give a performance that has to be seen to be believed. An arm enters a rectum up the bicep. It seems impossible, but it is in good, clear color photography. Variations are also demonstrated, including a man fisting the two others simultaneously. Some sex toys are employed and them masturbate to orgasm. Part 2 of Erotic Hands is an excellent French film concerned mainly with leather fetishes. Two leathermen make love on a Honda motorcycle using motor oil for lubricant. One man never removes his helmet until the very end at which time he throws back his head and laughs maniacally. A second scene shows bdsm and domination as a man in a leather face mask degrades his partner. Included in this bizarre segment is bootlicking, beating, fisting, and water play. (We also learn in this film that “fist-fucking” in French is “fist-fucking.”) This film is very well-made and thoroughly fascinating from start to finish. It is not, however, for the squeamish.

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Erotic Hands - Vol. 1 - (1980 Year)
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