Dickwadd - Ambush on the Rocks

Dickwadd - Ambush on the Rocks
Jed Pisston and Kirk Nadir, two hot, horny cadets on furlough, decide to go camping on The Rocks. They soon forget about setting up camp and go at each other man-style. Once the fucking commences, they're interrupted by a group of Huge Dicked Studs who quickly take control of them and tie the two cadets to a tree. Once the cadets are bound, they get used in every way imaginable. They're to take every stud's Massive Cock deep into their throats and asses, getting brutally plowed as they scream in pain. Each stud lines up to take his turn ramming his Huge Man-Meat deep into the cadets' bowels. Jed Pisston gets thoroughly fucked by these Big Dicked Studs, especially by Austin Shadow. Wait 'til you hear the howling that Jed does as Austin uses his 10-inches piece of Meat to bore deep into Jed's hole. Once the cadets are completely used and exhausted, they're taken down from the tree and into the valley below.
In the valley, the man-on-man sex continues, with every Man climbing on and in each other. Y ou get to see fucking at its most primal - Hard, Raw and Ruthless. Austin and Alex Pitt use their combined 21-inch Meat Poles to go after the others' bungholes with wild abandon. They tear into Jed, Kirk, Chris Neal, Scorpio and Max Corey. And don't forget about Titpig! Titpig comes out of "retirement" to join in the melee (may lay?) and help teach this new batch of horny fuckers some new tricks. Throughout all of this Man-Sex flows copious amounts of Hot, Steaming Man-Piss. It doesn't matter if the others are fucking, sucking, rimming or felching, someone appears and lets his piss flow over, in or up these Men. Pissing on these Men while they're fucking? Piss flowing onto a bottom's ass that gets pushed in along with the top's Meat? Piss pouring into thirsty mouths that gulp it down? All this, and so much more is done on The Rocks! You're going to love watching Chris Neal do what he does best - take massive objects deep into his ass. Titpig plants Three Humungous Toys deep into Chris's amazing hole. Titpig saves the largest for last. Once it's shoved in, Chris lets loose with a Huge Load of cum, coating our favorite Rock!
Throughout the film, giant ropes of cum blast into our men's innards, are felched out and swapped back and forth until they disappear. Ya want cum? It's everywhere!
Self suckin' Austin Shadow shoots his loads, then plants his ass on The Rock, bends forward and goes to town on his own 10-incher, getting as much as he can of his own meat down his throat! Fuck! I popped a nut right on the spot.
As my favorite bartender says, "So what'll you have, buddy? Are ya sure you can handle it?" One shot of Ambush on the Rocks and you'll be on your assor on someone else'sguaranteed. This flick is not to be missed.

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Dickwadd - Ambush on the Rocks
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