Crazy Weekend vol.2

Crazy Weekend vol.2
Release Year: 2006
Studio: Dolphin International
Genres: Gay, anal, oral

If you liked the first volume of Crazy Weekend, you're gonna love this follow up because they're basically the same movie! Now, don't get me wrong, the first film featured beautiful Russian twinks in some hot bareback sex with multiple cumshots per scene and clocked in at almost 3 hours - not a bad formula to copy, if ya ask me. We start off watching a group of young and sexy Russian kids having an and music fueled house party. They are all dancing around and having a great time, but one by one the boys start pairing off and disappearing for some hot and raw sex. Cute brutes Dan Te and Evgeniy T are the first to sneak away to a quiet bedroom. The playful duo start off by wrestling with each other, working up a sexy sweat, slowly stripping one another naked until they're bare ass and rock hard. Dan starts the cock sucking and lucky Evgeniy sits back and lets the skilled boy work him over until he shoots a big load into Dan's open mouth. Dan's servicing of Evgeniy doesn't stop there and he flips the kid over and lubes up his hairy twink hole to get it ready to be rode hard. I don't know how old Dan is, but he has fantastic skills for someone so young and lucky Evgeniy enjoys every second of it. Evgeniy must be amon name in Russia cause Evgeniy W is the close cropped, red-capped kid in the next scene and his dark haired bud Edan gets to explore every inch he has to offer. The two start by making out in a quiet dining room area and soon squirming around half-naked Evgeniy on the dining table while Edan feasts on his dick and ass. Unfortunately, that sweet hairless hole doesn't get fucked - no one gets fucked in this scene - but these boys have such beautiful cocks and are such hungry cock suckers that it's an uncut oral freaks delight - especially when Edan dark monster sprays Evgeniy's innocent looking face. Hot! A pair of blondes is front and center as the next pair to slip away from the festivities to engage in a little fuckin' and suckin'. Longhaired Lex is the first to drop to his knees. Of course, if you were presented with Felix' uncut throbber you'd do the exact same thing. These boys take their time swapping very skilled blow jobs before Lex bends over the couch and offers up his meaty, tanned ass for Lex to pounding into a raw frenzy until each boy sprays the other down with their milky loads. Misha and Artur are enjoying a smoke and a juice in a quiet den while their friends carry on in the other room. The two chat and kiss and soon their libidos are revved, so the boys get right down to the action, trading blow jobs and servicing one another's meaty poles. Soon lucky Artur gets his hairless bubble butt filled to the rim with Misha's uncut plug. He rides that boy's dick like a boy possessed until each is drained of a huge load of boy spunk. Seductively sexy Alexander proves that men make passes at boys who wear glasses when Tolik follows him into a quiet bedroom and the duo waste no time getting naked. The bespectacled Alexander looks particularly sweet with Tolik's huge meat sliding in and out of his mouth but it's not until he's laying back, letting Tolik feast on his own monster that you realize just how hot this kid is. And once he's balls deep in Tolik's stretched out hole, you realized just how talented this kid is too. How do these Russian kids so good at fucking at such a young age? Russo with Martish wind up the film with another hard pounding fuck and suck session as this film approaches the near 3-hour mark! Now that's a lot of hot bareback twink action from the good folks at Dolphin Entertainment. Let's hope Crazy Weekend 3 is just around the corner.
Format: avi
Duration: 2:55:20
Video: 720x544, DivX 5, 723kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

Crazy Weekend vol.2
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