Big Dick

Big Dick
Release Year: 2006
Studio: Jet Set Men
Cast: Brad Austin, Gabriel Sinclair, Justin Gemini, Ricky, Rocket, Helmut Muller, Evan Rochelle, Tag Eriksson, Paolo Cortez, Chad Driver, Adam Lee, Peter Stevens, Jason Ridge, G. Thierry, Verdo Colt, Hun Attila, Strong One, Bob, Ken Ryker, Cody Cash
Genres: Hunks, Big Dicks, Rimming, Outdoors, Anal sex, Oral sex

One of the very first things many gay men look for on a DVD box cover is big dicks. It is the fetish that (literally and figuratively) stands out from the rest. Titles sell because of them, models are known and sought after for them, and whole magazines are devoted to them. There was even an article in a recent male fashion magazine declaring that a "big dick" is man's biggest builder of confidence and self-acceptance. Therefore, it is not surprising that Jet Set Men, looking for a follow-up to their top selling title Big Dick Society, decided to go through their releases from the last few years to reprise some of the hottest scenes featuring big dicks in one sizzling and sexy package. The resultant Jet Set Big Dicks features seven sensational scenes over two and a half hours of steamy sex with 20 studs including the super hung likes of Tag Eriks, Paolo Cortez, Ja Ridge, Ken Ryker, Gabriel Sinclair, Justin Gemini and ten hot, incredibly well-endowed Europeans.
This scene, created by veteran Jet Set director Andrew Rosen for Jet Set Direct: Take Three, takes place at fictitious porn shoot. After two of the models pose naked with big erections for a still shoot, Justines to the set to be photographed. But he just isn't quite up for it yet. Gabriel, who's standing nearby, volunteers to help out. He goes down on him and neveres up. The two go back and forth giving each other hot oral sex. Justin is certainly turned on now, but he doesn't want to stop to shoot stills. Rocket, another performer who's watching from the sidelines, jacks off as the two go at it, and can't hold back the cum. Justin and Gabriel both have wonderful dicks, thick and huge. Justin first fucks Gabriel doggie-style, as he kneels on some prop steps, and then on his back. Gabriel takes the pounding until he can't hold back any longer. Justin finishes by shooting a big load on himself followed by Gabriel spraying a wall.
In Young Men Tooling Up: Factory Fuckers, Helmut gets to display and use his truly awesome "tool" on game co-worker Evan. As Evan is working in his area of ??a factory, Helmut wanders by and stops to lean back on a nearby table. He pushes his overalls off and begins stroking his incredibly big dick. Evan spots him,es over and drops to his knees to get a taste. Helmut's dick is so big that Evan, try as he might, can't manage to get down on more than about a third of it. But then, probably nobody could. But it works well enough for Helmut. Evan removes his overalls, so that Helmut can play with his ass as they jack off in anticipation. We only see Evan's face as Helmut pushes his dick up Evan's ass, but his expression says it all. Pain and pleasure are mixed as Helmut begins to slowly work it in and out. When it's all the way in, Helmut increases his speed and pounds Evan's ass as he bends over the table. Seen from beneath, Helmut's dick takes on enormous proportions as he slams it in and out, Evan's hard dick bouncing between his legs. Eventually, Helmut stokes his dick and shoots on Evan's ass. He then caresses and kisses Evan from behind as he in turn jacks off and cums.
Tag and Paolo, besides having beautiful bodies and dicks, have a special chemistry together. It is very evident in this scene by Bud Light dubbed "The Aquarium" from Jet Set Direct: Take One. Shot in a secluded garden, the setting is adorned with a myriad of colored ball ornaments hanging from the bushes and trees, giving the whole scene a romantic underwater feeling. Naked and hard from the start, Paolo immediately drops to his knees to suck Tag's huge hard dick. Then Tag services the equally well-hung Paolo. They go back and forth sucking each other's dicks as light plays through the colorful red, blue and gold balls dangling in the breeze. Paolo then works his way to Tag's truly pink pucker hole to lick and suck it. Tag then bends over, supporting himself on a short pillar, to let Paolo push his huge dick up his ass and fuck him. They go at it for a long time in that position and then continue with Tag on his back on a bench, those colorful balls suspended everywhere. Tag finally cums, followed by Paolo shooting a big load. As the scene fades, they are wandering, still naked, hand in hand, out of the garden - like some kind of Adam and Steve.
In a totally different mood and setting, these three Euro-studs are discovered shirts off and dressed in red or blue overalls. This scene from Young Men in Shameless Pleasure begins with Adam (pale blue) and Peter (blue) working on a car, with their friend Chad (red) helping out. Tall lanky Chad is horny and gets his big dick out to stroke it, eventually luring the other two over to check him out and join him. They get into sucking each other's dicks and overallse off. Eventually, Adam takes to rimming Chad's ass as Peter works on his big dick. Chad seems to be at the center of this and having all the fun. Then Chad moves to sucks on Peter's dick, as Peter and Adam steal kisses with each other over Chad's body, leading one to feel that they might have the closer relationship. However, Adam eventually fucks Chad as he continues sucking on Peter. Then they reverse positions so that Peter can fuck Adam and Chad jack off. Chad cums on Adam, who licks some of it up. Eventually, Chad cums, for an amazing second time, and his friends jack off and cum on him.
The hot Latin Paolo gets around. And when one has such an appealingly large dick, why not? Ja and he are discovereding on to one another on an outdoor balcony / bridge joining deserted industrial buildings. This hot scene called, "98.6" (body temperature) from Jet Set Direct: Take Two is, again, directed by Bud Light. It starts as the two embrace and look out at the surrounding city. Ja works Paolo's shirt off as they kiss and caress. Paolo pulls Ja's off, and the sex is on. As they get their dicks into play, they realize where they are and enter the deserted building with high windows. Ja kneels down to suck on Paolo's cock. Then down on the floor, Paolo has a go at Ja's hard dick. They roll over, and Paolo plays with Ja's ass. Paolo flips over to get on top of Ja's back and ass. Soon they are standing at the window and fucking, with Ja holding on to the window. Paolo then lies on the floor on his back, so that Ja can climb atop him and ride his dick. Eventually, Paolo pushes Ja onto his back and slides his dick in and out of his ass some more. Ja's legs go up on Paolo's shoulders so that he can really drive his cock into Ja. They switch to fucking doggie-style, Ja on his knees, and eventually stand up without separating, to fuck some more. By this time Paolo is more than ready to shoot and does so over Ja's back. Still bent over, Ja spews a river of cum.
These five well-hung, muscular and horny studs from the Euro porn pool appear together in one of the hottest army barrack's scenes ever filmed. It is a part of Young Men Perfect Tens. Four of these sensational guys are lying around in their bunks, stripped to their jockey's, as a fifth enters from the showers, wrapped just in a towel. He drops the towel and lays face down, butt naked, on his bed to rest. One of his buddies takes an admiring look at his ass and saunters over to the bed. He pulls the man's hot butt up so that the he is kneeling ass out and opens to getting fucked. And fuck him he does. The other lay around watching and jacking off. The fucker is so well hung he can't quite get his dick all the way in, but he makes every effort. As soon as the first guy gets his fill of fucking, another guy steps up to take over the action. The amodating butt boy takes on each one of the guys, one by one, never changing positions. The last one finally turns him over so that they can drag him to the floor and shoot a shower of jizz over him. He holds out to the end and shoots last. Back to the showers!
This last scene, starring the handsome and unforgettably well-hung Ken, is a part of Jet Set Direct: Take One. Created by the award-winning director Gino Colbert and labeled "The Visitor," it tells the story of horny boy toy Cody, who after jacking his dick off solo and playing with his butt hole, spots Ken out the window of his apartment washing a car below. Cody makes it as obvious as he can that he wants to have sex with him. He jacks off at the open balcony door and shows his butt hole to Ken. Getting turned on, Ken plays with the hose spray, shooting it in his shorts and over his body. Ken finally gives in to temptation and appears at Cody's front door. Before you know it, Ken is sitting on a john, stripped to his jeans and stroking his huge dick. As Cody sucks his toes, he jacks off. He stands to get more and then bends over to get his ass rimmed. Then Ken fucks Cody's ass as he supports himself on a partition. Ken eventually pops his load on Cody, and he reciprocates shooting cum over Ken's dick. Ken is the perfect masculine man, handsome, with a lightly furry torso and a giant dick - certainly the right prince for Colbert's fairy tale.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:29:43
Video: 640x480, XviD, 1925kbps
Audio: 218kbps

File size: 2.3 GB

Big Dick
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