Evan Blasts Marc

Evan Blasts Marc
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Evan is one of the more confident and outgoing Freshmen we’ve had in awhile - he landed at CF ready to get naked and show off, and the very idea of doing all that on camera with all of you watching clearly seemed to turn him on. This young man is extremely sexual, and being an exhibitionist is part of that for him.How would he take to showing off with another guy, though? Well - he most definitely does well with the action here and looks hot as heck while doing it, but I suspect having Marc there with him to treat him to his first CF guy/guy action definitely helped!Marc goes to work on Evan’s big dick, using his lips and tongue to get it hard and straining. Indeed, Marc gets Evan so worked up and horny we’re soon treated to our first look at Evan using his own mouth to work over a hard cock as he sucks on Marc’s dick. With Evan having that hot, thick cock on him it’s the fucking we all really want to see, though, and Marc was ready to get fucked. Evan slides his dick in to Marc, making him moan and wail, and begins pumping his ass with long and steady strokes as Marc grips the bed for all he’s worth. Though Evan’s the new guy and Marc is the vet here, I think Evan’s big dick was making Marc feel like this could have been his first time getting that hot ass filled and fucked! By the time it's all over, with Marc worn out and totally drenched in cum, Marc can hardly believe he shot such a huge load and got blasted by such a massive load from Evan!

Evan Blasts Marc
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