Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels
Studio: Jocks Studios

As Ethan-Michael Ayers - fresh from the shower - attempts to sign for a package, his towel slips, revealing his stiff cock. Don't worry about that; everything happens for a reason, exclaims cut and muscled bike messenger Jeremy Penn as Ethan-Michael stoops down to recover himself. Smiling, Jeremy gently guides Ethan-Michael's mouth to his own engorged prick, beginning a scorching session of sucking and fucking which leads to another sort of special delivery.
Revitalized by that last client, Jeremy zigzags through town toward another client. Christopher Scott barely notices the strapping blond messenger as he eagerly and impatiently signs for his package. In the bedroom, Christopher unwraps his new toy - a beautiful pink latex dildo of indulgent proportions. He strips to his jockstrap, revealing the full cock-stiffening impact of his tanned, muscled form. Eagerly but lovingly he warms up with his new toy, rhythmically and deliberately burying the tool deep inside his ass, working it like the assplay expert that he is. Sebastian Cruz quietly enters, enjoying his vantage-point before finally chastening Christopher for playing without him. Sebastian takes charge, enjoying some hot compensation for being left out.
Brad Eliot cannot resist the desire to suck Troy Halston's hot cock, even at work in a factory. Brad pulls Troy's shaft deep into his throat, sucking and massaging the tool with his tongue, before Troy vigorously fucks Brad's tight ass. The two studs enjoy a long and enthusiastic session of erotic supply and demand, which ends only after each of these sex-hungry studs has satisfied every desire.
When Jeremy and Eric Hanson arrive at Ethan-Michael's, they find a blindfolded Colby Taylor devotedly sucking Ethan-Michael's thick cock. Jeremy and Eric are quick to enjoy the hot action and begin stroking each other as they look on. Unable to restrain themselves, Jeremy and Eric join Ethan-Michael in feeding the hungry cocksucker their hot young meat. Eric fucks Colby as Colby rims Ethan-Michael and Ethan-Michael deep-throats Jeremy's aching cock. The four tight young studs continue their group fucking, rearranging themselves as their desires shift and mount, until finally each of the men spill their load over Ethan-Michael's tawny chest.

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Hot Wheels
Tags: Gay Retro
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