Brayden Swallows Jensen

Brayden Swallows Jensen
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

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Jensen absolutely loves the attention and praise Brayden gives him. He tries to be modest but there’s no hiding his presence and appeal. He’s absolutely gorgeous and whether Brayden would want to hide his attraction or not, his anxiously hard dick poking out of his underwear deny him any pretense.

He wants Jensen so bad. Lucky for him, Jensen’s horny and wants to stick that big dick in some hungry holes! First he starts with Brayden’s mouth, fucking it a bit before commanding him to sit on his big dick. Squatting over Jensen, Brayden’s usually impressive body looks so small.

Jensen’s works Brayden’s ass with his uncut cock as Brayden’s untouched cock stands firmly up in attention. He looks at himself in the mirror and knows he’s being owned by the big hunk of a man- and he loves every single hole-pounding, toe-curling second of it that leaves him shooting a load so hard and far that even surprises Jensen!

Brayden Swallows Jensen
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