Studio 2000 - Deep Plunge

Studio 2000 - Deep Plunge
Director Doug Jeffries has pulled out all the stops for "Deep Plunge," an epic set on the lush Spanish island of Majorca. With handsome Rafael Carreras, a bevy of horny studs, and a pretty blond, it oozes hot sex from opening to end.
Matt Van Dorn, a South African blond with a cute face and lean body, arrives in Majorca for a vacation. His deep-set eyes are piercing and his lips seem to be always smiling. His cab driver brings him to Casa de Hombres. Matt goes to sign in with manager Rafael Carreras while Rafael's , Victor Campos, and Rafael's lover, Angelo Fuentes, strike up a conversation.
Victor insists he'd be a better lover than Rafael and goes out to prove it. After some kissing and the dripping of fruit juice into Victor's mouth, Angelo provides Victor with his large uncut dick. Victor slurps, jacking himself at the same time. Rafael soon joins them, and Victor continues sucking Angelo, who goes to town on the hung Rafael. Rafael face-fucks Angelo into taking more between their kissing sessions. Angelo sticks out his hairy ass for both to rim. Rafael feeds his cock to Angelo's face as Victor gives a calm fuck to his ass. Soon enough, Rafael takes over and slams at him with all his power, causing Angelo to almost forget Victor and crane his neck to look at Rafael. Angelo gets fucked missionary before sitting and riding on Rafael. They head to the bedroom where Angelo gets to play top by screwing Victor. He's a spirited top, but Rafael can't stay idle for long, so he shoves into Angelo for a sensational three-way fuck, Angelo having a whale of a time playing man-in-the-middle. Victor has a creamy load, followed by a good popper from Angelo and then a winner from Rafael. Having spent his and lover, he then spits on Angelo. Unrepentant, Victor promises to be a better lover. Leaving Rafael single.
There's an orgy going on at the pool. Tall and shaved-headed Christophe Blanc is rimming Bruno Braz and Marco Montana, two handsome dark-haired tanned beauties. A few feet away, light-haired Richard Ramos is being blown by Ricardo Benny, which isn't as easy as it looks, since Richard is hung like a bull. However, Ricardo has a wowing big mouth and does a grand job. Christophe alternates between Bruno and Marco, spitting water into their asses and keeping them moaning. Matt watches from his balcony and gets hard effortlessly. Christophe fingers his bottoms simultaneously, with Richard's hypnotizing dick still being given the royal treatment by Ricardo. Christophe fucks Marco first, the latter letting loose a variety of hot facial reactions. Ricardo throws his leg up on a tree and lets Richard pound him. It's amazing how easily that massive dick fits into Ricardo's butt. Christophe is a good top, pounding the hell out of his bottoms, who kiss as he goes back and forth. There is no tiring from this top, nor from Richard, who is parking a fast fuck into Ricardo.
Meanwhile, hotel handyman Marcelo de Fuego, who looks dreamy in a pair of tight jeans and nothing else, slithers up behind Matt, and while Matt watches the orgy, Marcelo has a field day playing with his ass. With a hint of fuzz on his cheeks, Matt's defining anal characteristic is a very fresh pink hole. The camera captures it sensationally as Marcelo spits and chases into it. Marcelo then grabs hold of Matt's balls and blows him. Matt's bum is pluckable, but his dick is also impressive. Marcelo deep-throats with absolute ease, and Matt throws his head back far enough to still watch the poolside orgy. Matt falls to his knees to suck Marcelo, who grabs Matt by his tussled blond hair to it in even more. Those melt-me eyes look up at Marcelo with intent as he whips the dick around his mouth and down his throat. They head inside where Marcelo screws Matt silly. Marcelo's balls slapping against Matt's ass as he fucks him but good. They fall sideways where Marcelo builds up enough steam to nearly rip Matt in two. Matt ends by riding Marcelo, not allowing the speed to droop one bit. Matt bounces his way into a still-inserted cum-shot that creeps up his abs and then Marcelo releases. Marcelo slips out quietly as Matt sleeps.
Now, back at the pool, the orgy is still going strong. Bruno is blowing Ricardo and Richard has Marco working on his dick. Christophe is taking turns fucking Bruno and Marco. Christophe still hasn't tired at all, splashing around the pool as he rabidly punishes the bottoms with his intensity. Ricardo is the first to cum, dropping on Bruno's back and then Richard does the same on Marco.
Around the patio, the orgy continues. Marcelo joins Lucas Foz and Alessando Bellina and Bruno as they are being rimmed by Christophe and Marco. That leaves one ass on a patio chair ready for licking, so Marcelo parks his face there. At one point, Christophe upsets the order of things by pushing his pal out of the way and each rimmer goes down the chain to take on another butt. Christophe has the same kind of energy he showed while fucking, and shadowed Lucas has a butt that needs to win a prize. The guys being rimmed turn over to get blown, with Christophe a super blower, with Marco and Marcelo proven powerhouses. Big dicks don't seem to bother anyone's throats here, they just slide right down. Lucas fucks Marco missionary, Christophe fucks Bruno and Alessando rides on Marcelo. Alessandro rides slowly and methodically while the active tops in the other pairs go at their bottoms with lots of power. Christophe seems intent on blasting Bruno into orbit the way he smacks at him. Lucas, with his curvy dick, slides fully in and out of Marco. Marcelo then parks himself on Lucas' dick while everyone else cums all over him. Before he can wash off, Richard and Ricardo return to cum on Marcelo, joined by Lucas, who cums twice!
Matt goes for a meal where all the guys make fun of him in Spanish for being plucked by Marcelo. Matt angrily tears off to pout in the field. He quickly forgets his troubles when Tico Martin, with his Roman nose and chiseled body, comes to make out with Luis Casas, a bodybuilder with a dick as thick as his upper body. Matt gets to watch as they kiss, and as long-haired Tico falls to his knees on the soft grass to blow Luis, Tico is very aggressive in his work, keeping up a fast pace in the face of a thick prick. Luis almost seems to know when Tico has tired of being face-fucked, so he stops and lets Tico whips his head around the cock for a new feel. They switch places so beefy Luis can go down on Tico's long pole. Tico has trouble standing still, gyrating his body to show off his perfect abs as Luis tries to stop the movements long enough to gobble up more cock. Tico bends Luis over to play with his ass, resulting in a rimming between two very muscular cheeks. Tico fingers and licks, and then fucks wildly. Tico's entire dick fitting in perfectly. In the nicest surprise, Tico squats on all-fours and lets Luis fuck him, too. Luis' thick monster doesn't quite fit as well, so he fucks Tico considerably slower. They even coo to each other in English! Soon enough, Luis is working up enough speed to lead him to a torrential cum-shot, followed by cream from Tico. Tico then goes over to Matt to tell him that he, too, can find sex as wonderful as what he just watched.
At the lighthouse, Matt finds god-like Rafael. Matt doesn't initially notice him, so Rafael is able to sneak up behind him and softly kiss his neck. With the wind blowing through their hair and the sea crushing against the rocks below them, Rafael pulls Matt right into his world. They kiss like blooming lovers. They lick all over each other, hands and tongues in constant movement as beautiful guitar music serenades. Matt, with his mouth, and both hands, goes to blow Rafael. Matt gobbles up all he can. Rafael gently keeps him in line, pulsing his hips into Matt's face to make it easier. Matt keeps his eyes closed as Rafael lets him suck his fingers as well as his cock. They then grind and touch and kiss a bit more as Rafael makes his way down to Matt's cock. It's big, but easy enough for Rafael to deep-throat. He delivers this suck with finesse, noticeably impressing Matt. Matt then leans over the barricade and pokes his butt out, and Rafael tenderly licks it. Rafael stretches it until the pinkness reveals itself, then sliding a few fingers into the newly lubricated ass, Matt throws his leg up on the wall and Rafael pushes into him. Rafael treads the line between loving and nastiness with a fuck that definitely keeps his cock entirely lodged inside. Matt moans as Rafael makes it all look so marvelous, and it's telling that Matt is completely hard. Rafael keeps Matt purring until Matt has a mighty blast while being fucked. Rafael's shot covers and goes past Matt's face. Ultimately, they say goodbye at the airport.
The bad news is that we don't have an entirely happy ending, but the good news is that I have a valid ticket to Majorca and Rafael is once again single!

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Studio 2000 - Deep Plunge
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