Chain Reaction - Vol. 2 - (1984 Year)

Chain Reaction - Vol. 2 - (1984 Year)
Even folks who aren’t normally aroused by leather-sex will be immediately intrigued; a beefy stud in a harness pulls up to Chains on his motorcycle. He’s a real looker, not the kind of man one could ignore. The moment the door opens it’s clear what kind of treats the viewers will see. An older, and very handsome, man is tied to a St. Andrew’s cross. He is licked, sucked, and kissed by four other guys, all as hairy and meaty as their newfound love slave. Another man has his cock locked up in a pillory of sorts; it’s a little scary, but quite titillating. Sadly, nothing comes from these teases–sure, jism does fly, but there’s no build up, no focus on anything beyond disjointed limb or swollen boner. Next, some butch blondes get freaky in a threesome involving rope, face fucking, and lots of groping. This sequence is marred by terrible sucking noises that have clearly been added in post-production. In fact, the sound design is a problem throughout the entire film. Lots of horrific 80’s music, windstorm sound effects (why?), and even some gothic horror music threaten to suck the joy from the proceedings. Luckily it never quite does.

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Chain Reaction - Vol. 2 - (1984 Year)
Tags: Gay BDSM
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