Men of Odyssey - The Pharaoh's Curse

Men of Odyssey - The Pharaoh's Curse
The Pharaohs of Egypt indulged their every sexual whim with no thought of others and no regard to consequences. But when the Pharaoh was betrayed, everyone paid… sometimes for generations. "The Pharaoh's Curse" follows the path of a garment used by the Pharaoh during one of his bizarre sex rituals. After its theft by a peasant, a curse of sexual obsession possesses all who touch it! Follow this bewitched cloth… from Egypt to ancient Rome, to an archeological dig, and finally to the present day, in which a descendant of one of the Pharaoh's servants is haunted by… "The Pharaoh's Curse!"

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Men of Odyssey - The Pharaoh's Curse
Tags: Gay Retro
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