RagingStallion - Focus - The Story Begins

RagingStallion - Focus - The Story Begins
Raging Stallion teams up directors Chris Ward, Ben Leon, and Tony DiMarco as they bring to life an incredible story written by Dan Rhodes. This movie is packed with the hottest guys around as they find themselves entangled in steamy sex. Only one problem, there is a man on the lose. Cole Streets stars as the guy with an addiction filming hot sex. He loses his boyfriend over it and soon he's off filming again. It won't be long before he finds he's in deeper than he thinks. The movie opens with Cole getting interrogated by Joe Wicht. Cole starts from the beginning and the movie begins.

Cole wants to tape him and his boyfriend, David Taylor, having sex. David is hesitant but soon the camera is rolling as Cole lies on top of David and the two begin kissing. Cole gives the camera to David as he goes down and unleashes David's hard cock. Cole swallows that man meat down his throat. He sucks on David's cock and balls. The two switch and David is filmed as he gives Cole's cock a thorough knob job. Cole has David lie back and he prepares David's cock with a condom and some lube. Cole then climbs up and sits on David's pole. Cole slides up and down, then grinds that cock up his ass. Cole fucks himself as he bounces wildly. They put the camera on a tripod and resume fucking in a missionary position. David lies on top, kissing Cole, as he slides his cock in and out of Cole's tight hole. David ends up with the camera as he films his cock working over Cole's hole. These two have shown great chemistry together and the passion heats up causing them both to lose their loads. Cole strokes his cock as he gets pounded. He shoots all over his stomach and chest. David continues fucking and soon he's lying back for the camera as he finishes himself off. David splashes his abs with cum. David gets a call to work and warns Cole that the film is just for them. Cole agrees but soon he has it posted on the Internet.

Cole goes to the video store and tells Ryan about his home movie. Ryan gives him a porn to check out and Cole takes it home and jerks off to his favorite porn star, played by Steve Cruz. (Steve's scene is shown in its entirety in the bonus footage.) Cole shoots his load on the television screen. David comes home pissed about the clip being on the Internet. Cole wants to make a follow up for their fans. They argue, but soon David gets a call and he heads back out. Since David doesn't want to make another, Cole goes out to find someone that will. Next we see him following someone into a corridor between two buildings. Cole goes down on this guy's cock, the whole time filming himself. Cole devours this big fat cock, slobbering on it as he strokes himself. The guy takes the camera and films down on the action and we get some great shots of Cole deep throating that cock. In the end, the guy shoots on Cole's hairy chest. Cole jacks off and soon he's firing off a load onto the ground.

David is at work when a coworker, Scott Tanner, comes in and tells David that the video of him and his boyfriend was hot. David then learns from Scott that Cole has posted another video. Scott shows Cole and asks him if that's David's cock. David confronts Cole and another argument ensues causing David to storm out and head back to work. David is so mad that he's slamming things around, when Scott walks in and asks if he can help David. David takes him up on the offer by making him face down on the work table. David rips Scott's pants down and then unleashes his cock and begins to Scott's ass. Scott moans and groans as David rams nonstop. David takes out his aggression on Scott as he jackhammers in and out. Scott flips over and David spears that ass again. David picks up Scott in his arms bouncing him wildly up and down on his pole. David continues rapidly stabbing Scott's manhole, as Scott lies on his back with his legs in the air. Great camera angles as David drills Scott a new one. David shoots gobs of cum on Scott's chest as Scott erupts on the floor.

Cole wasn't to worried about David as we see that he's back out scouting for some sex to film. He finds Tristan and Conner in a parking deck as the two are making out between two cars. Undetected, Cole films these two hot studs as they suck and fuck. Conner sucks Tristan's big cock. Tristan Conner down on his cock causing him to choke on it. Conner slobbers and takes the face fucking like a pro. Conner then sits on the side of the truck bed as Tristan returns the favor and swallows Conner's cock deep. Conner then leans against the truck and Tristan rims his hairy hole. Tristan eats that ass, preparing it for fucking. Conner is begging to be fucked as Tristan fingers that hole open and offers a taste to Conner. Tristan then pokes that hole with his cock causing Conner to cry out. He fucks him from behind and then they move to the tailgate of the truck where Conner sits on Tristan's rod. The truck is bouncing as Conner fucks himself. Tristan thrusts up and pounds that hole hard. These two slam together for an intense ride. Conner jacks off and shoots his seed on Tristan's cock. He then sucks that cock clean as Cole releases his load on the side of a car as he continues to film. Tristan hoses Conner down, hitting him in the face, neck and chest with a big load.

Cole gets a paying request to film a gang bang scene for Francesco. Cole enters and immediately begins filming as some of the guys are already locking lips and groping one another. Francesco and Wilfried take to a couch and make out as Damien and Angelo kiss and stroke one another. Steve Cruz enters the room and joins Damien and Angelo as the three tongue wrestle together. Wilfried begins to suck Francesco's cock. Damien and Angelo taste Steve's cock. Back to Francesco as he gets his face fucked by Wilfried. Wilfried sucks Francesco again, deep throating that big uncut cock. Francesco then bobs up and down on Wilfried's cock. These guys are cock hungry. Angelo is alternating between Steve's cock and Damien's cock. Steve then helps Angelo suck on Damien's meat. Damien leans back and kisses Wilfried as Wilfried fucks Francesco's face. Francesco has Damien lie back on the coffee table as the four guys jerk their cocks and unload in his mouth. Francesco unloads first, shooting a string of cum across Damien's mouth. Damien catches the rest. Steve drops his load for Damien followed by Wilfried who drops a thick load directly into Damien's mouth. Angelo spills his seed and Damien gets a taste. With his face covered in cum, Damien jerks off and sprays cum everywhere.
The fucking continues with Steve on his back as Francesco rams him deep and hard. Angelo is by his side and soon they are spit roasting Steve. Angelo grabs Steve's face and fucks that hot mouth. Francesco doesn't let up as he drills that hairy hole. These two switch places and drill him at both ends again. Steve begs for more as Angelo hammers deep. Angelo gets a turn as bottom as Francesco taps that tight hole while Steve feeds his cock to Angelo. The filming switches to Damien fucking Wilfried. Wilfried is on his back on the coffee table. Damien pushes those legs back and mounts that hot ass. Wilfried takes a ride on Damien's pole as he sits and bounces on it. Their bodies slap as Damien hammers up into that hungry hole. Next we see Wilfried fucking Steve. Wilfried is carrying Steve as his cock is stabbing Steve's manhole. Both guys grunt and moan together. Wilfried them fucks Steve from behind. He drives it in fast and deep, ramming Steve hard. Switching again, Francesco is now lying on the coffee table as he gets fucked by Steve. Steve grabs hold of Francesco's legs and pounds hard. Wilfried, Damien and Angelo stand by and watch as they stroke their rods and kiss one another. Steve pulls out and moves to Francesco's face as they all get ready to unload. Damien is the first to shoot all over Francesco's face and mouth. Next, Angelo unloads his thick goo on Francesco's chin. Steve spills his m an juice on Francesco's face followed by Wilfried who adds his seed to the cum facial. Francesco jerks his cock and flings his spooge onto his stomach. Francesco then invites Cole to release his load. Francesco takes the camera and films Cole as he wanks off and shoots on Francesco's chest. Francesco then pays Cole for the movie.

Cole leaves and catches up to Steve where the two begin to argue. Steve tells Cole that he is in over his head and that he's going to be in trouble. Cole asks how Steve knows who he is and what the trouble will be, but Steve runs off. This is the end of Part Oneto be continued in ReFocus.
There is a bonus disc with Steve's solo scene and there is also the actual footage from the video camera from David and Cole's sex scene.
This movie has a great story line that is filled powerful sex. The story adds to the intensity of the action. The actors deliver powerful performances and connect passionately with one another. The filming is exceptional and the use of the real footage from Cole's video camera adds an erotic sense of actually being there with these incredible studs. Raging Stallion always delivers the best and is at the top of the list for best studios. This movie is another great achievement and is worth adding to your collection!! I am off to get the second the movie!!

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RagingStallion - Focus - The Story Begins
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