UK Hot Jocks - Staff Opening - Shane Frost, Miles Racer

UK Hot Jocks - Staff Opening - Shane Frost, Miles Racer
Manager Shane is observing latest employee Miles getting to grips with cleaning up and re-stocking the bar. He’s taken quite a shine to him, even if he isn’t the best bar-boy he’s certainly nice to look at. He watches him bend over, filling the glass shelves, his jock strap sitting high above his jeans. Shane can’t help thinking of taking advantage, he knows how unethical that is but if he doesn’t work for him anymore, then he’s fair game, right? In an attempt to sack him he subtly knocks a glass over, behind his back. He blames the boy and orders him to clean it up, though they are going to have to have a ‘little chat’ about his employment there. Miles can see where he thinks this is going and begins to plead for his job, saying how he really needs it and he’ll do anything to keep it. Looks like Shane won’t have to fire him after all! Classically answered by Shane “Anything?” He grabs his crotch.

“Um, yeah. If that’s what it takes?” He doesn’t seem to be put off by the idea and why should he be! Both are total hotties. Throwing down the broom and leans in to snog him. Getting down onto his knees he chews the fabric of his trousers, eager to get at his dick and please his boss. He takes his hard cock out, sucking it for all he’s worth. Both guys strip and Shane gets a taste of the new boys dick. It’s not long before he has him bent over the bar eating his ass ready to fuck it. Shane takes position behind him and slides in hard, banging him into the bar. They take it round to the front of the bar, Shane grabbing onto Miles’s ankles and hammering his little hole in missionary before they spurt all over Miles… which he’s only too happy to clean up, scooping up the cum with his fingers and feeding it to himself. Yum!

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UK Hot Jocks - Staff Opening - Shane Frost, Miles Racer
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