British Rugby Studs

British Rugby Studs
Studio: Triga

Take a group of brawny solo British Rugby Fuckers, get them to strip down from their sweaty jocks and muddy kit and underneath you will see that these fellas balls arent oddly shaped as the rumour goes, theyre just full of pent up spunk thats ready to shoot! The 7 British Rugby Studs are toned and muscled, well built straight blokes, we found them whilst they had fuckin pussy on their mind, and filmed them whilst they tossed off their built up aggression! British Rugby Studs is 90 minutes of pure Triga styled straight fella smut..oh except one of the lads did get a little carried away and realised that any holes a goal, watch as he experiences the taste of cock for the very first time. If you like your blokes big burly then this is definitely one for your collection. Youll see what I mean as soon as the disk starts spinning in your player; a naturally masculine guy wanking off while watching str8 porn gradually shedding his rugby kit till hes bollock naked on a physio table. He shows off his big ass, spreading his cheeks briefly. But the real twist comes when the cameramans hand wanders to the guys cock. `Mr Rugger` allows his prick to be sucked (even reciprocating briefly) doesnt object to getting his virgin hairy manhole (fucking nice close-ups) licked while hes on a fag break!!! Good on ya, mate. Next up is `Mr All Black` there is only one word for this guy; incredible. Too handsome with the bluest eyes, the clearest skin the most mouth-watering mushroom helmet Ive seen in ages, this guy is imposing. He gets completely out of his kit, kneels up on the bed squeezes pre-cum out if his large piss slit; when he turns his back to the camera he proves hes as tasty from behind, his butt as firm ample as his knob. This guy is really special; oh, and great to see him dump a big, thick load after he steps back into his black shorts. Now, who likes fit young guys? Yeah, well, youre gonna love `Mr Muscle`. Powerful thighs, big balls, defined torso, get the idea. He flashes his sweet hole, wanks furiously shoots. But I nearly lost my load when I herd him speak; just a few words was all it took to have me nearly over the edge. Cunt! `Mr Burly` shows that you can be a heavier bloke still be as horny as hell; especially when you drop your shorts play with your ring-piece like he does. Any guy who pays this much attention to his hole proudly shows it off like this geeza gets my vote. Dirty geeza. `Mr Crop` then stakes his claim on the title `Best of British`. Fuck, where do Triga find these guys.

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British Rugby Studs
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