Oral Deluxe Anthology

Oral Deluxe Anthology
To create a wind instrument or a firefighter, to sculpture a plume, to speak befitting the high-priest, to stroke in the leek, to scalp the mohican, to take into the stomach Popaul " in the manner that of the people expressions to delineate the fellatio. On the other hand likewise, that distinct styles because of these girls at the time they present the fondle of their chaps and their language to the unquiet penis of their associate. Whether voracious or pleasant, vigorous or crafty, foraging or "deep throats", it is a true selections of spoken practices that invites you to this pellicle(2 DVD). Excerpts of greater degree of than 45 titles, beautifully filmed, made above the latest twenty years, you accompany approximately 100 blowjobs performed through a voracity real through the greatest in quantity handsome and hot "vicious chicks" who arrived at their ends, festivity in the of have affection for that fills their mouths and floods their faces.

Format: avi
Continuance: 3:18:53
Video: 704x384, XviD, 1278kbps
Audio: 156kbps

Toothed bigness: 2.1 GB

Spoken Deluxe Selections
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