Broke Straight Boys - Sergio Valen Fucks Cage Kafig

Broke Straight Boys - Sergio Valen Fucks Cage Kafig
Has Cage ever looked anxious in any of his Broke Straight Boys outings? Even his first solo? The sexy stud isn't looking very happy today, which is weird because he's standing next Sergio. Wouldn't you be happy if Sergio were at your side?
"Cage is getting fucked in the ass today," Sergio says to the soon to be bottom and cameraman.
No wonder poor Cage looks so downcast! lol!
"Obviously everyone knows I'm top," Cage notes.
"Well today you're a bottom, the cameraman replies.
"It's for the fans, right," Sergio wonders. "We wore matching shirts. Same brand."
Oh, isn't that sweet? The guys coordinated!
Cage admits he's getting on his stomach for his Broke Straight Boys fans, which will make his appreciation club increase in number.
"You look scared as fuck," the cameraman observes.
Although he's bottomed before, he's not looking forward to doing it for Sergio. Even confesses he will probably never look at Sergio the same. Both the cameraman and Sergio suggest maybe they should begin with the plastic dildo, considering the curvature of Sergio's wang. There's some talk of selling it, but Cage has his doubts. Clearly he doesn't understand how that thing would be gone if auctioned. Sergio says he's selling his grey and lime-green underwear he's wearing for the shoot.
"I'll make sure they are well soiled," Sergio jokes.
The boys strip and stand in their underwear. Cage dons pink, which earns him some grief from the cameraman. There is a shot of Cage's backside.
"I'm ready to knock it out," Sergio laughs.
Because he's going to give Cage a good stuffing, Sergio sucks dick first. Gets on his knees and works his tongue on Cage's cock. That suction does the trick. The soon to be bottom is sporting wood, which for Cage is a lot. He puts his hand on the back of Sergio's neck. As for Sergio, every time he comes off that sausage, there's nothing but smacking sounds! That meat is finger licking good. image
"Should we work that dildo," Sergio asks.
He uses his underwear to wipe Cage's pale booty. Lube is put in the tight hole, and the dildo is slowly placed between those pale cheeks.
"Perfect size," Sergio says.
At first Cage pushes it out, but he eventually submits.
"Not so far," he pleads.
Poor Cage. That hole isn't used to being opened like this. Give the boy credit. He grits and takes it.
"We've opened you up a little bit," the cameraman says.
Cage is doubtful, especially seeing how Sergio swings to the side. Cage gets on his knees and does what Sergio did to him. Sergio's curved rod wakes up to the oral attention.
"Whoah, teeth," Sergio warns.
Come on cock suckers! Your molars do not belong on man meat! v!
Cage wants to get his pounding over. He gets on his side, on the bed. Sergio puts on a condom, and puts more lube in that man hole. He gets behind Cage, and the moment the head works its way in Cage's face contorts.
"That's a tight asshole," Sergio says.
"That's a good thing," Cage utters through clenched teeth.
Cage's pain is obvious. As for Sergio, it's all pleasure for him.
"Oh, fuck," Cage groans.
Sergio slow fucks him, each stroke balls deep. Cage ends up on his back, and his grimace doesn't go away. The only good thing is the fucking is slow. Or maybe that isn't good? lol!
Cage jerks his meat as he gets split open like a summer peach.
"Pull that ass back," Sergio orders.
He's not a brutal top, though. When Cage asks him to slow down, Sergio does.
"Oh, fuck," Cage moans.
Sergio starts to fuck a little bit faster. He pulls out, takes off the condom, and dumps his jizz all over Cage's face, chest, and stomach. Cage even offers some help.
Cage's nut is next. His jizz shoots out in multiple parts, covering his chest.
"This last part felt pretty good," Cage said.
The busted bottom is soaked with man milk. He wipes himself clean with the underwear and says he's not going to be a power bottom. However, there is some discussion if "it felt all right."
"If something feels good, it feels good," the cameraman opines. "It doesn't make you gay."
Mmmmmmm. Let the choir soak in that "pearl of wisdom." lol!
Plans are made for Cage's revenge, but he promises to be gentle.
Do you want him to be?

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Broke Straight Boys - Sergio Valen Fucks Cage Kafig
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