Tamas Eszterhazy & Martin Mazza

Tamas Eszterhazy & Martin Mazza
Genres: Muscles, Blowjob, Oral, Anal, Cumshot, Rimming, Kissing, Tattoos
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The second disc of our double feature begins at night, in strong contrast to our last scene, which was shot in a bright white room. The scene is an enticing hot tub in the middle of a beautiful garden. Blue moonbeams light the surroundings as night encroaches. Romance is in the air and Tamas Eszterhazy and Martin Mazza are kissing in the warm water. Tamas is one of Raging Stallion's top new exclusives--he was the coverman on AssQuest #2 so you may have seen him there. He is a tight, stunning, gorgeously tattooed man in his late twenties. This guy is hot--one of Gay Porn’s hottest performers. We are very, very glad to have him in our camp! Martin Mazza is an import from Barcelona, Spain. Martin reminds us of the kind of guy we founded our company upon--hairy, young, muscled, over-sexed..you get the drift.
Martin takes charge of this scene (Tamas, you see, is a true bottom--offering his ass to millions of hot men every year!). After getting a bit of cock worship from an adoring Tamas, Martin dives in and gives us the best rim job of the film. Tamas's ass looks perfect, especially when his sphincter is winking wildly asking for more! Martin can't get enough, and only stops when his dick is so hard that it hurts. His cock looks great ramming up Tamas's ass! They fuck in several, well-exposed positions, showing off for you guys at home! Both of these men are exhibitionists and they are getting off on being watched as much as getting off on each other! As they perform for you they are having the time of their lives! The scene ends with spectacular cum shots as the moon sets behind the steam rising from the water. It’s a great scene and another example of Raging Stallion at its best!

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Tamas Eszterhazy & Martin Mazza
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