NS - Logan Stevens & Leon Fox (Boyfriends part 2)

NS - Logan Stevens & Leon Fox (Boyfriends part 2)
Leon Fox and Logan Stevens' relationship isn't the only thing open in this week's third episode of Boyfriends. A flip-fuck from our loving couple leaves assholes wide and wanting more. And more is what your traffic wants so why not deliver. There's free love, and then there are Logan and Leon. Logan Stevens and Leon Fox met at a Faerie gathering in the woods of Tennessee, but in NakedSword's Boyfriends 2, Logan and Leon show that an open relationship doesn't mean you're bored with each other. In fact, it's just the opposite. Sort of. After fooling around with the crew on-set (off-screen), the boys get down to business with each other. Leon fucks Logan, and then they switch, and Logan fucks Leon. Could there be anything more mind-blowing and limitless than when two like minds lock â and let their bodies roam? Sometimes the love is too good not to spread.

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NS - Logan Stevens & Leon Fox (Boyfriends part 2)
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