Rob Stonebridge Gets Dirty

Rob Stonebridge Gets Dirty
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Every once in a while, I have a young stud show up who has all the ingredients I know are going to make my cock happy. When Rob Stonebridge showed up, I knew immediately that he was one of those types that I just had to get my dick in. There's nothing I enjoy more than getting a straight guy to take my dick. And I could tell right away, that the feeling was mutual. His hazel eyes and perfectly toned body were great, of course. But it was his down to earth smile that I wanted to see as I eased in him. Laying there on my bed, it was hard for me to focus on anything else. The fact that he is Bi, only heightened my interest. To make things even more interesting, he had sex with a girl the day before this shoot, so I could give him a good comparison. We made out for a bit, and he definitely had a talent for kissing. But it wasn't long before both our clothes were off in a pile on the floor. He got right to work on my cock, which was almost fully hard already. One thing I liked right off the bat, he likes to use his tongue, and he is very good at it. I could tell at first, he was a bit intimidated at the size of my cock, but he kept at it until slowly, his throat started to open up. I maneuvered him in position and started eating his ass. He was clearly in heaven. I fingered him to loosen him up until I could see he was ready to take a try at my monster. He turned over and set himself up on all fours, and slowly, eased himself down the shaft of my raw cock. Man, what a sight. I was definitely one of the biggest cocks he had ever encountered, so it took him a few strokes to work his way down my shaft until I was all the way inside him. His tight ass wrapped around my cock was a pure slice of heaven. I stayed still as he worked his ass on my cock, fucking himself and enjoying his new limits. Then, when I could see he was ready, I took his hips in my hands and started working myself in to explore. We turned over so he could ride me some more, and worked his perfectly rounded ass on my tool. When an ass is that perfectly fitted, you don't have to do a lot of moving to get a lot out of it. He put his legs in a perfect V so I could start pumping him good. Now I decided it was time to get him on his back so I could get down to some pounding action. My gleaming cock moving in and out faster and faster. He responded perfectly to my moves. We both were edging, I could see it in his eyes. He wanted it. As soon as I picked up the tempo, it tipped him over the edge, His toes curled and he blasted a cum shot that went clear over his shoulder. He turned over to show his beautiful ass cheeks and I hosed his butt crack down with one of the biggest loads I have shot in weeks.

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Rob Stonebridge Gets Dirty
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