Young Guns - part 1

Young Guns - part 1
Release Year: 2008
Studio: Centaur Films

Chip Daniels continues his award winning “Hot Cops Series” and, assisted by acclaimed director, Chris Steele, offers up 10 of Centaur’s hottest models in 3 hours of non-stop action in his newest title, “Young Guns.” Completely shot in wide-screen, “Young Guns” re-imagines the amazingly popular Hot Cops franchise using the original “Cops” Tv format. This style was first used in Gay porn by Chip Daniels for his movie “Hot Cops” in 1995, and has never been as successfully explored by any other studio.

1. We begin our newest adventure during a “ride along” by our cameraman with rookie Officer Ford, played by Austin Grant. 22 year old Austin is tall, smooth and extremely handsome, with a perfect swimmer’s build, great ass and a gorgeous 10” supercock just made for conquering hot tight bad asses! Officer Ford is patrolling a neighborhood in an unmarked police car when dispatch alerts him to a possible residential break-in nearby. Responding to the scene, an upscale, vacant house for sale, he finds the front door open and a screw driver on the ground. Drawing his weapon, he proceeds inside to investigate. Out back, he discovers, lounging naked by the pool, a young man, played by Kurt Wild, a beautiful smooth bottom boy with a perfectly proportioned tightly muscled and trim twink body, and an 8 1/2” thick juicy dick. Bad boy Kurt claims he lives there but Austin knows he’s the culprit who broke into the house. He is about to haul the perp off to jail, but quick thinking Kurt responds by reaching out to manipulate Austin’s crotch, while asking if there is anything they can “work out”. Before Austin can answer, Kurt has Austin’s dick out and into his hot mouth. Kurt’s cock sucking skills are inspiring, especially the way his mouth produces loads of saliva to slicken and glisten Austin’s huge throbbing prick, making it so hungry for Kurt’s little boyish cupcake ass! Austin can’t resist Kurt’s beguiling ways and soon both are naked, stuffing each others big cocks into their respective throats and rimming their asses until each is blasting their hot cum onto Kurt’s perfectly chiseled abs. But they are not done yet! Austin is ready to powerfuck Kurt’s sweet ass, and soon the hunky duo are in full heat, with Austin plowing open Kurt’s puckering pink hole as he gets screwed in every possible way, including upside down and backwards, until Austin’s throbbing cock hits Kurt’s prostate enough times that he can’t stop from coming all over himself. Austin then adds his hot juice to the youth’s load already pooling on his smooth chest and six pack abs. In another “ride along,” two under cover vice officers, played by 10” thick-dicked, versatile, Abercrombie looks model Carter Longway and the ruggedly handsome blonde haired, blue eyed, lean smooth bottom Riley Scott, are going undercover to a local public men’s restroom where there have been complaints of public lewdness. Riley is more experienced, but Carter is the young gun here, a rookie about to undertake his first actual assignment. The assignment is to impersonate horny men looking for some action. The officers enter the restroom but find it empty. Officer Riley briefs Rookie Carter on some of the finer rules of cruising, instructing Carter to stand at the urinal, pull out his cock and start stroking it. Carter obeys the order, but would feel more comfortable if Riley had his dick out too. Soon, pretend stroking becomes real horniness, and under the guise of explaining how glory holes work, Riley orders the Rookie to suck his now hard meat through the toilet partition’s “glory hole.” But he wants to taste Carter’s huge meat stick too, and soon they swap positions, and each gets the chance to sample the other’s hot cock with their warm wet throats. The suspect has yet to show and the officers are so horny they keep sucking each other off until each is blasting their hot cum over the other.
2. Next, our cameraman takes us inside a police station to see what the booking of an arrestee looks like. There we meet a detective played by handsome, 8” endowed top man, Kyle Lewis, and a suspect, played by bubble-butted gym-muscled bottom bad boy, TJ Young. Kyle takes TJ’s finger prints and then tries to take his mug shot. But TJ keeps sticking his tongue out at the camera, causing Kyle to decide that TJ will like his mug shot better with a dick in his mouth. Kyle pushes TJ to his knees and starts taking photos of him sucking dick. This is followed by a strip search, a tongue probing of TJ’s insatiable butt and several cock plunging, hole stretching, fuck positions. Along the way Kyle also samples TJ’s tasty, thickly carved 8”cock, which only fuels his hunger for more of TJ’s perfectly sculpted body and delicious ass. The fucking is nonstop, feeding each other’s carnal lusts, and , culminating in cumloads from both splattering onto TJ’s criminally beautiful bod!
3. As the sun begins to go down, we’re on patrol again with superhung twink top Officer Ford (Austin Grant.) Austin receives a call about a disturbance at a football field. Arriving there, he tries to break up a fight, between two football players, one played by twink bottom, swimmer type, Jesse Zane, and the other by handsome, 8” endowed bodybuilder bottom, Drew Peters. Austin quickly finds himself in the middle of the fight. Once he gets it under control he orders them both to calm down and to take their dispute into the locker room. He leads the two players into the empty locker room, where he makes them face each other. They reveal that they are fighting over a girl. The two try to renew the fight, but our young gun Austin has had enough! He tells them they have to kiss and make up. First the guys refuse, but the officer threatens to arrest both of them if they don’t do as he says. Reluctantly they kiss, briefly, but that’s not enough for Austin. The officer continues making them go further and further, French kissing, then jacking each other’s dicks, then sucking each others dick, and then both taking turns on the cop’s giant fuck tool, until all are drawn into the action in a full throttle three-way. He then orders them both to bend over the locker room benches as he goes back and forth, assembly line fashion, fucking each hot jock butt deeper and deeper until everyone is shooting hot streams of cum everywhere!
4. For the final scene, our cameraman goes on night patrol with Officer Green, played by superhot, swarthy, dark haired, 9” inch tooled topman Derrick Vinyard. Derrick receives a suspicious person alert for a nearby industrial park. Someone is walking from building to building, carrying a backpack. Upon investigation, he encounters the suspect, played by sexy smooth newcomer, and insatiably hungry assed youth Jason Renyolds. Derrick challenges Jason to explain why he is there, and asks for some ID. Jason panics and runs, briefly eluding the officer. But Derrick pursues his suspect, and soon he’s captured and taken into custody. While enroute to the station, trash talking Jason keeps spitting insults, until Derrick is fed up with the punk and stops his vehicle. It’s time to teach this criminal a hard lesson! He takes Jason out of the car, removes his handcuffs and orders him to strip. Soon Jason is spread across the car with his underwear ripped open and his ass being fucked open hard and fast and deep by a big thick dildo from his own backpack. The scene gets more intense from there, as he is ordered to deep throat Derrick’s swollen hard cop cock, is sucked by Derrick, and is then fucked in three different positions of submission, until Derrick unloads his hot cum over Jason’s face and Jason shoots his cum while riding on Derrick’s 9” ass cramming cock. This scene is rough, as Jason is ‘made’ to summit to Derrick’s unrelenting sexual demands in order to learn his lesson. “Young Guns” offers up a not-to-miss 3 hour excursion into the steamy sexy hardcore world of cops and criminals who use each other to indulge their man lusts and dick desires. These guys are young, hung and ready to cum for you. Come on and whip out your weapon with us and shoot!
Format: avi
Duration: 1:28:25
Video: 720x400, XviD, 1610kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

Young Guns - part 1
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