Gomez Aguilar and Richard Pene

Gomez Aguilar and Richard Pene
Release Year: 2019
Studio: BrazilianStudz.com
Video language: English

In the kitchen Richard Pene decides to call Gomez Aguilar to help fix it up. Gomez gets on a ladder and Richard ends up undressing him down to his unbelievably extra-large dark dick. This one would need two mouths conservatively to deep-throat it, but Richard works as hard as anyone could. Richard, packing mighty down there too, has a sweet ass and bends it over for his friend. Richard begs Gomez to go slow. He does, but he also manages to park the entire cock in Richard and then fuck with speed. Gomez is apparently so good that he gets a second position, a table-rocking missionary that gets them to cum.

Gomez Aguilar and Richard Pene
Tags: Gays
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