DreamBoyBondage - Well Trained Muscle Part 3

DreamBoyBondage - Well Trained Muscle Part 3
Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Cast: Neill
Genres: fetish, porn, bdsm

Jared gets even more demanding with Neill, even as the muscle stud’s arms begin to give out after holding the heavy dumbbells in a hard-to-maintain position that would have been impossible for anyone but a trained lifter. “Keep ‘em up!” Jared demands, whipping Neill’s abs as the stud’s arms shake and he lowers the weights. “I can’t!” Neill wails and his arms completely collapse. Jared whips Neill up and down his naked body, harder and harder, as the exhausted man lies there gasping in pain. Finally, Jared walks away, giving Neill a brief rest, then returns with a 100-pound bar and ties it to Neill’s balls. This time his punishment for losing strength will be losing his balls – not just a whipping!

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DreamBoyBondage - Well Trained Muscle Part 3
Tags: Gay BDSM
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