MuscleMatt - Christmas Wish (2010)

MuscleMatt - Christmas Wish (2010)
By the time we were ready to kick off Christmas Wish 2010, Adam was pacing the floors with aggression ready to go, that energy spilled over to Matt when both went at Pete like a great white on a raw piece of meat!

Adam is over-all a quiet laid back easy going guy but he is a bit of a wild card. As you have already seen in DVD #53 Christmas Wish 2009 Adam can take it; this year Adam had a wish of his own. What we proved is that Pete is no liar when he says do what you want with me and Adam, well if you mess with “Adam The Bull” you’re gonna get the horn and in this movie Adam used that horn to Plow the hell out of Pete. Add Matt to the mix and what Pete got for Christmas 2010 was Plowed, Railed, Slammed, and Pounded from all ends.
The night ended with Pete getting filled out and filled up with muscle cum at both ends! From one end he got a massive muscle Matt power Cum shot on his face, in his mouth and in his eye and from the other slammed as hard as he could Adam emptied his bull balls right in Pete’s ass. Filled that boy up that at the last frame of the video you see Adam’s thick muscle cum dripping from Pete’s torn up, used and abused ass.
That’s the short of it, need I say much more other than Matt and Adam teamed up on this wanting and willing cock sucker, a graduate of the Cock Sucker Academy (#56 and #62 ) and Pete made me proud.
Matt said, “Adam it’s all you buddy, show them what an animal you can be.” Laughing Matt looked at Pete and said, “I will blast you with a muscle Matt facial while Adam rails you from behind.” Pete lit up light the Christmas lights and didn’t stop to think about it not for a minute when he said, “Works for me.”

After the Champagne cork popped, it was “let ‘em loose” Adam fucked Pete for over an hour, stopping a few times to wipe sweat off his chest and face and to catch his breath. After a minute or 2 rest, he went right at it again, on the attack to plow Pete. Pete screamed, squirmed and grit his teeth with pain and pleasure, screaming sometimes for more, most of the time for mercy. Pete is a champ, a power bottom so it seems or at least he is when he hangs with us.
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MuscleMatt - Christmas Wish (2010)
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