Amateur Straight Guys - Head Jobs (2006)

Amateur Straight Guys - Head Jobs (2006)
"In Head Jobs 20 year-old Greg showed up at the studio when he was in town visiting a new friend. Anyway, the friend is a photographer and he's worked with Greg before and thought that the directors might be interested in filming this yummy straight guy. Yummy is right. Take a look at Greg's youthful appearance, lanky body, devious expression and would you look at that dick? Fuckin' awesome. They asked Ben to drop by to check things out and maybe bust a nut in a two-guy jack off video. Ben was a little late but this gave Greg time to work up a stiffy. Ben was horny as hell, too, so this made the pairing interesting to say the least - a "straight guy experiment."

Jackson came back to Phoenix after the directors blew him on the way and spent the night in town for a few days. The day after they arrived home they told Jackson that they'd be by early in the morning and not to stay up carousing all night. Did he listen? No - he stayed up late and when they arrived the lights were out and Jackson was snoozing away. They decided to make the most of the situation and film Jackson waking up to a nice handjob. Jackson woke up and up and up as they looked up his bed sheet and caressed his beautiful ass and started stroking on his big dick. With a growing dick Jackson seemed totally open to letting them blow him again. What a wake up session!

With his studly blond surfer boy look and thick cock, Jared looks great next to street thug Guzzo. Jay is a bit of a voyeur (like you didn’t know that) and once he put on the porn, things started heating up. The boys rubbed their crotches and the clothes started coming off, and Jay jumped in and broke the ice. After a little encouragement the guys got into it and gave each other head. (Hot, hot, hot!) These two make a great duo.

Michigan is a hot-ass 22 year-old straight guy who recently relocated to the southwest who just exudes sex and cockiness - two traits that any straight guy lover eats right up. This guy knows he's sexy and knows how to make the most of it by approaching women he wants and usually getting them. Never before had this sexy kid ever let another guy make the moves on him; the directors were a little nervous about just exactly what would happen and how he'd respond. Based on how well he took to getting his stiff prick licked it sure looked like he dug his first ever man bj. It's interesting that on the way back from the shoot Michigan said that he had never done this before and that he was surprised at what he was doing as he'd never figured he'd let a guy mess with him. But hey "a mouth is a mouth, I guess." Yeah, Michigan we think you're right."

College stud Sean is really interested in film work and really wants to "tear up some pussy" on camera. Invited to dinner, as the evening wore his straight guy bravado melted and he admitted that he might let a guy "do things to him." So that night the directors called Nate and had him pop by. What transpired was so fucking hot. Nate gave Sean a hot massage that made everyone in the room heat up! Sean had never let another guy touch him anywhere private - which made the whole scene all the hotter! You're gonna love this one, guys!

Jay really couldn't describe the attraction he had for Snake, but it was definitely present from the first second he met him. His voice, his eyes, his sexy, straight guy attitude and his enormous cock were all factors directly affecting Jay's "Lust-O-Meter." Damn, this guy is so fucking hot! Jay was completely consumed by his manly smelling cock and ass. He sucked Snake's big cock and licked his hairy man ass until he shot his huge load on Jay's face and in his cum-hungry mouth. Jay couldn't have been more on fire if you doused him with gasoline!"

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Amateur Straight Guys - Head Jobs (2006)
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