ChaosMen - Straight Hunk Wyatt

ChaosMen - Straight Hunk Wyatt
How about a tall and lanky singin' cowboy for a change of pace?

Wyatt is a struggling musician, who needed some quick cash. I knew he was skinny but when I saw his big 'ole cowboy cock, I figured you all might like him.

His interview is interesting and it is fun to hear his twang when he talks.

I know Wyatt isn't for everyone, but he has his charms, and I actually like variety. His photos in his cowboy hat are fun and actually what he wears all the time. So it's a slice of real life.

He felt uncomfortable having his hat off for the video but I figured it might be hard to wear laying in bed. I'm thinking maybe I should have let him keep it onmaybe some cowboy hat fetish guys out there are upset with me!

Sock fetish guys though will be happy as he wanted to keep them on, and I did include it in a lot of the shots.very prominent in the cum shot!
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ChaosMen - Straight Hunk Wyatt
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