Studio: 18stream.com
Cast: Lera

Shes been waiting for that for ages now, but it finally happened, her parents went out of town for a week and she had the whole house for herself! Lera always had fantasies about that, time when she could walk around the house with nothing on if thats what she chose to do, time when she had all the time in the world to play with her attention craving teen pussy! Thats right, shes a regular nymph that still hasnt found a guy that can keep up with her sex drive, thats why she does most of the pussy pleasing all by herself, taking the matter into her own hands, so to speak! Here are pictures and videos of her with her long legs spread apart and her panties flipped aside so she can get her hands on her shaved pussy, the white top wasnt in the way at all as she slipped it down and rubbed her perky nipples, adding to the weaves of pleasure running through her body as she got hornier and hornier, driving herself into a wet and wild orgasm after quite some time of delaying it and solo games!

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