Jesse Prather, Deepdicc and Ray Diesel

Jesse Prather, Deepdicc and Ray Diesel
Release Year: 2018

Jesse Prather wants nothing more than to hang out with his wife tonight and watch some and have some sex. Wifey has other plans, though! She's been listening to Jesse's recent "dirty talk" in the bedroom, and at first it kind of shocked her. The more he had told Wifey about his fantasies, the more she went from being shockedto turned on! And today, she's about to make Jesse's -bi fantasy come true! "Turn me into a black cock slut," Jesse's said in the bedroommore than once. "Today, you're a black cock slut!" Wifey says, pushing Jesse to his knees as two of her "thug pals" walk into the room, naked. Jesse can't believe how big their cocks are, and it doesn't take too much Jesse's mouth open to get him gagging. Both Bulls open Jesse's tight, white ass wide open, almost splitting him in half! Wifey runs the show, telling Hubby how to suck and fuck while giving high-fives to her Bulls. The fellahs conduct a hot,session until The Bulls turn Jesse into their own personal cum dumpster!
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Jesse Prather, Deepdicc and Ray Diesel
Tags: Gays
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