Affiliate wife's affair actually exists at the New Year's party where classmates gather

Affiliate wife's affair actually exists at the New Year's party where classmates gather
Cast: RENA (aka Rena Fukiishi)
Genres: Uncensored, All Sex, Cuckold, Mature, MILF, BlowJob, Cunnilingus, PantyHose, Big Tits, Cream Pie

Student years for the absolute majority of already mature people - the best time and the best memories of life. These memories are associated with bolder and more volitional actions in youth, optimism in front of a large and vibrant life, seemingly innocent stress and anxiety on the eve of exams and sessions, romantic relationships with classmates,
crazy sexual experiences and discoveries .... Then, everything seemed to go on bright and endlessly. But youth is replaced by routine and everyday life under the typical mask of maturity and a measured way of life. And it seems that you have everything to which you aspired during your student years: your separate housing, car, spouse (husband), money,
position in society, a decent position ... but still something is missing. No ... you absolutely do not want to return everything back and again to achieve the goals already achieved, but you wanted at least for one day to become who you were 10-15-20-25 years ago. See, though matured,
but just like those who want to “return everything for one day” to like-minded people and remember: they used to juice cheap juice as opposed to the current financial opportunity to indulge themselves with expensive and noble goodies; as the cribs were made and course papers were written under a dim lamp in the dormitory, instead of these disgusting weekly, monthly,
Quarterly reports under bright light; how they had sex with each other in the doorways or, at best, in someone else’s bedroom, not having their own housing at that distant time.
The main character of this film was also about thinking when she went to the alumni meeting,
with which, by inconceivable coincidence, she had not seen for about 10 years. Her husband felt like something. Intuition is something .... But the fact is that he did not really want to let his wife go to this seemingly harmless meeting. Nevertheless, the way and with anxiety and sad physiognomy "the customs gave the go-ahead" warned
so the spouse would call back every half hour to an hour.
Far from all came to the alumni meeting itself. The main lied to her husband a little bit about the obligatory participation. She just knew that there would be someone with whom she had a very long and vivid romance as a student.
The alumni meeting was in full swing and was held in the apartment of one of the participants: plenty of sotted, endless trips to smoke on the terrace or breathe in fresh air. Finally, vivid memories made themselves felt, and the main character herself didn’t remember how she was undressed, in someone else’s bedroom and in the arms of the former gentleman.
The instinct of nostalgia for student years took over the lady and now, having saddled a member who had previously penetrated her deep palaces, she was made to simultaneously receive pleasure and fulfill the promises that she gave her husband "to be regularly called on the phone." And when he will ask why his wife has a breathless and intermittent voice,
she will come up with different stories about fast dancing and fast walking up the stairs to the 14th floor due to a break in the elevator. When it is all over, the main character will even find it unpleasant to look in the direction of her already “recent clown”. She will quickly collect her clothes, her phone, and leave this place. And having come home, will embrace the deceived husband and will tell,
that the alumni meeting was boring, unimportant and she did not want to remember and talk about this event.

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