Butch Dixon - Diego Senna & Antonio Miracle

Butch Dixon - Diego Senna & Antonio Miracle
The big, burly, hairy lads are cooking up a storm, all meat, cream and sweat based, but very lickable and suckable. Antonio Miracle just had to come back for more stiff, bareback cock, this time ably supplied but strapping, mean-looking fucker, Diego Senna, and its all served up steaming hot, no condom just hot skin on-and-in hot, wet skin. Antonio looks stunning in just an apron, with just glimpses of hard butt cheeks and muscular thighs, Diego obviously can't keep his hands to himself or his hot lips and talented tongue. The boys get down to some cock slurping all over the kitchen surfaces with bendy athletic Antonio using all his skills and gym trained body, offering up his hungry hole to Diego's even hungrier mouth as the sexy Spaniard laps at the hairy fuck-hole like a starving , its not just the condoms we're dispensing with, these boys are just using spit for lube, Antonio is gonna feel every inch of that hot, uncut cock just as Diego can feel the rippling walls of Antonio's arse hole, stretch and clench around his probing pole. Hunky Antonio is pushing back for every pre-cum-drooling inch of that raw dick as Diego slides in right up to his swollen nuts, enveloped in Mr Miracles hot guts. Its gonna get sticky!

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Butch Dixon - Diego Senna & Antonio Miracle
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