Mormon Boyz - Elder Dudley - Ordination (With President Nelson)

Mormon Boyz - Elder Dudley - Ordination (With President Nelson)
Boyishly handsome Elder Dudley is nearing the pinnacle of his journey. On the day of his ordination he wants to be dominated by President Nelson and his massive cock.

And Elder Dudley knows the president is not going to take it easy on him.

For weeks Elder Dudley could't stop thinking about Elder Ence, his mischievous mission companion. Instead of separating them, the two boys were paired with Elder Sorensen in a threesome.

It always felt so right when he and Ence were together. But he also found himself developing feelings for Elder Sorensen, especially when the hot blond filled his ass with cum.

But neither boy was on his mind when Elder Dudley entered the temple for the final step in his initiation.

Elder Dudley was led through to a secret staircase behind a temple ordinance room, and led to a room at the top of the stair. When the door was opened, President Nelson was standing in the center of the brightly lit room waiting for him.

Looking proud but also a little stern, President Nelson body language suggested he was pleased . After all, the imposing figure has played a pivotal role in teaching Dudley exactly how to give and receive pleasure.

The missionary boy is proud, too. And he's anxious to show Nelson that when he extended an invitation to him to join the highest priesthood authority, he was making the right choice.

Nelson and Dudley strip down to their sacred underwear and Nelson commands Dudley to lie down.

The handsome priesthood leader quickly covers his initiate's lean body with his, and presses his tongue into Elder Dudley's mouth. Dudley can feel Nelson's erection pulsing against his own and reaches into the man's underwear to feel President Nelson as the man pushed his weight onto the boy.

Nelson pulls himself up so that he is straddling Dudley's lap.

“I want you to stroke my cock, boy.â€

Without hesitation, Elder Dudley releases Nelson's massive member from its cloth confines and begins to run his hand up and down the veiny shaft. Nelson closes his eyes and his breath quickens. He lifts Dudley's shirt and begins to circle Dudley's stiff nipples with his thumbs.

While he loves being with boys like Ence and Sorensen…guys his own age…there is something unspeakably hot about pleasing such a sexy stud of a man nearly twice his size. Nelson could rip the boy in two with his bulging biceps, but he chooses to be so gentle with Dudley sometimes. And being teased like that drives the boy wild.

The President pulls off the boy's sacred underwear and Dudley turns rock hard almost instantly. Nelson presses his cock and Dudley's together and he begins to stroke them both at the same time. Dudley's whole body tingles with desire. He knows he must be patient, but his ass aches to be filled.

President Nelson seems to sense this. He lifts the boy's leg and runs the head of his dick between Dudley's ass cheeks. Dudley gives him a begging look. Nelson, already dripping precum, pushes his fat cock head past Dudley's sphincter.

Dudley pants and moans as Nelson slides is this shaft into him and desperately wants more.

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Mormon Boyz - Elder Dudley - Ordination (With President Nelson)
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