Quick Cum Dump

Quick Cum Dump
Studio: DeviantOtter.com
Video language: English

Last week my buddy Luke from NYC came to visit me and my boyfriend because we never really get enough time to properly catch up when we see each other out at various slutty events. We didn’t really plan on shooting anything, but we started hooking up after getting drunk at bar and I remembered how much I loved his dick so I decided that I needed a vid of his raw cock in my ass. Every time we’ve fucked before he wore a condom, but he’s finally been on board with raw-dogging it, so I was really stoked to feel his raw dick in me for the first time. I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed getting pounded out by Luke because he always looks angry, even if he’s not, he’s got such a mean face and looks borderline criminal. Since we slept late we didn’t have a lot of time to fuck around before he had to catch his train, but I was still really hungry for that raw dick so I made him pound me out a few different ways real quick before sending him on his way.

Quick Cum Dump
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