Knee high socks beauty takes it all

Knee high socks beauty takes it all
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It was a very cold day, so rina elliss knee-high socks got my attention. she hopped in my cab, and told me she was headed to the dentist to have her wisdom teeth removed. maybe it was the nerves, but rina started talking shit about my cab. i told her it was old like me, which made her think of another time she had fucked a taxi driver. someone who looked like a younger version of me, without the beard. i pulled her leg for a little as i looked up and down at her perky tits, but finally, i confessed: she had been in the fake taxi before! she might not have recognized my beard, but now she wanted to rub her pussy on it! rina rode my face as i ate her pussy, then deepthroated my cock and sucked my big balls. after a rimjob, we 69d, then i fucked her so hard that im sure the cab took more damagebut when i came all over her arse, i didnt give a fuck!

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Knee high socks beauty takes it all
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