Lada and Vitol

Lada and Vitol
Cast: Lada, Vitol

Lada had invited Vicon over for a cooking lesson, he had been delegated as the cake baker for an upcoming party but had no idea how to bake so Lada offered to help teach him. The two of them got up to much more than baking though! It was only a few minutes in to the recipe that Vicon accidentally brushed his cock against Ladas ass and that was all it took for things to start getting heated and before they knew what they were doing Lada was laying belly down on the kitchen table! As she lay there Vicon spread her legs wide and slid his cock in to her pussy nice and slow as she begged for more! They both knew that that cake wasnt going to get made but neither of them cared!

Lada and Vitol
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