Diego Arroyo and Georges Ballantinos

Diego Arroyo and Georges Ballantinos
Studio: French Dudes

If youre into the older muscular hunks, youre in luck! Georges Ballantinos is right up your alley and will have your cock hard in no time. And whos the lucky guy to do this scene with Georges? None other than Diego Arroyo (the lucky bastard).

Starting out on the couch with some kissing and then moving right to the crotch exploration. Georges goes down on his knees to service Diegos cock before the two retire to the sofa with Georges still working Diegos cock. Once Diego is brought to full measure, he slides on a condom and slides into Georges hairy ass. A beautiful contrast to Diegos smooth bubble ass.

Deigo pounds Georges doggy style on the sofa and our cameraman is right there to get us close to the action. Georges tugs feverishly at his own cock while getting pounded. This is one long walk for this old pooch. They dont switch up positions and Diego just keeps pounding away for one good long fuck. From underneath, we get to see Georges cock swinging back and forth ( when he isnt stroking it). Then with the two of them sitting back on the sofa, Diego busts out a great load all over his stomach with Georges right next to him.

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Diego Arroyo and Georges Ballantinos
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