The List

The List
Studio: Msr Videos

Hold the phone, girlfriends, because this MSR Videos fuck-fest is a boner-fied four-alarm scorcher sure to boggle your beef. It surely boggled mine.
We open as girlfriends Alex LeMonde and Michael Brandon have a gossipy split-screen phone conversation recounting the sordid tales of names they recently crossed off their must taste list.
First up, Michael Brandon tells of his recent encounter with Nick Thomas in a nicely equipped dungeon. Goateed-and-scruffd Brandon (speaking of nicely equipped) is looking lean and sculpted and tasty as ever, and hes got his pubes closely mown. And, of course, he wields that stupendously huge schlong, which gets dutifully serviced by the gulpy deep throat of Latino suck dawg Nick Thomas - himself a sexy scruff puppy with a clipped chest and a plump piece of meat for the sucking not to mention a rosy pink poke hole for the slurping.
Soon, Nicks in the sling, legs splayed, rosebud puckered. Slathery rimming leads to the movies naughtiest image: Michael teasing Nicks pulsating hole with a few rubs of his rock-hard jackhammer (which Brandon repeatedly thwacks and slaps in a demonstration of its utter rigidness).
Cut to a juicy close-up of Michaels glistening shaft, wrapped in latex, its way betwixt the clenching walls of Nicks muscular mangina. Michael gives it to Nick every which way but loose: theres some long, deep, slow piston fucking; some slappy and aggressive hole-pounding; and lots of rowdy dip-stick/punch-fuck action that affords us repeated glimpses of Nicks vacant, still-dilated hole, yawning and ready to receive the plowing thrust of yet another ful lunge of Brandons monster cock. Both dongs squirt ample loads all over Nick.
Kudos to Nick, by the way, who sucks on Michaels oversized cock impressively enough to successfully jam a good two thirds of its daunting length down his greedy throat.
Next we watch what happened when Alex LeMonde met Trey Rexx. Things start with a slow make-out session on a sofa, both guys clothed yet still exuding severe hotness: LeMonde with those puppy-fuck- wiles; Rexx with those wavy red locks. Soon theyre half-naked, tattoos exposed, each sucking on the others big beef stick in succession. LeMonde is simply a delicious sight to behold, what with his sculpted physique, milky smooth skin and that luscious mouth-watering (er, mouth-cramming) foreskind cock of his (which gets properly jammed down Rexxs throat).
With equal ferociousness, Rexx tongue-jabs LeMondes furry pink hole, then LeMonde takes a proper rim of Rexx, then its on with the splendid buggery, featuring LeMondes large shaft plowing deep into Rexxs squeezed firebox. Beware of stray sparks: the heat between these two guys is definitely hot, hot, hot. You dont want your skivvies to catch fire now, do you?
Brandons magnificent man tool gets another workout, this time in a dungeon three-way with hungry suck-and-fuck bottom boy Andrew Addams and strapping top Trent Cougar, clad in a chain vest. Mustached auburn hunk Addams gets his ankles strapped to the table, then Cougar and Brandon take turns rimming his spread-apart hole and cock-cramming his willing throat. And talk about power-slamming: Brandon nearly slam-fucks Addams spanked caboose till next Tuesday, while frisky Cougars no slouch in the dominant-top department, either.
Even hotter, Addams takes turns rimming each tops hole while the other pile-drives his eager bottom. So eager, in fact, that Addams attempts - and achieves - the intrepid feat of accommodating both tops huge cocks simultaneously in a rough-and-tumble, hair-tugging, cheek-slapping, sphincter-straining double-fuck jamboree that will leave you breathless and just maybe a little bow-legged.
Back to Alex LeMonde as he greets spunky muscle hunk Jordan West for some smoldering gag-and-poke fun. West proficiently deep-sucks on LeMondes knob shaft, then LeMonde returns the favor, gagging on Wests crank all the way down to his shaved-bare crotch. This leads to some deep-gagging sixty-nine action, complete with nut sucking, and then on to mutual ass-shellacking. Finally, West goes wild as he rides LeMondes upright (and latex-sheathed) shaft as if he were mounted atop a bucking bronco.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:44:05
Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264), 2858kbps
Audio: 156kbps

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The List
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