Breaking In Jasper

Breaking In Jasper
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

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Harper and Jasper share a hot kiss and we find out that unlike many of the guys we’ve met before, who are trying out guys for the first time here on campus, this notch has already been marked in Jasper’s belt!

He admits he made out with a friend in school for fun and my imagination immediately started running with what else the two friends might have shared- and it looked a lot like what Harper and Jasper got into here!

Harper starts with worshipping Jasper’s body with his mouth then sitting on his big dick. Once he gets started, he doesn’t stop. Harper wants him on top of him and Jasper fucks a hard load out him. Even then Harper still wants more! So Jasper makes a cum deposit- right in his mouth!

Breaking In Jasper
Tags: Gays
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